Chernobyl photobook "Ghost Town"

Ten years ago I began work on my Chernobyl website and this book is special anniversary edition. Many photos published for a first time. I decided to publish materials in book form because I don't feel like my work is secured enough being presented only on the internet.

Please share your copy of "Ghost Town" photo book with your friends and like-minded acquaintances. It is not kind of book you going to throw away after reading or wrap fish or make fire with. It is book you will pass to you children and say- this is how it all began.

"Ghost Town" is photo essay of the dead zones around Chernobyl where the world's most devastating nuclear accident happened suddenly on April 26, 1986. Books based on my photoreportages "Ghost Town" and "Land of The Wolves". It is provided with afterword and insights on nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.

"Ghost Town" is large magazine style full-color photo book, with many color photos of Chernobyl. It is printed on heavy white paper. Size of pages is 8.5" x 11" (21,2x 27,5cm). Number of pages is seventy five.

Sales of this book create resources needed for my project of supporting those people who live in abandoned villages and towns of Chernobyl. I am buying flour, sugar, other things of first importance and bring them to those places where I saw one, two persons living in whole village. I conduct everything myself and make sure help reach those who need it most. I run this project since 2008 and usually I make 3-4 food trips a year.

For donation of 40 US dollars or more books will be shipped worldwide. Shipping costs are paid by me when you donate at the suggested levels. Please remember to include your shipping address within the PayPal message field. If the PayPal's banner is not visible on your screen, please disable momentarily the ban banners on your antivirus.

Any delivery glitches can be sorted out by emailing me: elena@elenafilatova.com

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