Photos taken during my trips to Chernobyl area through November 2008-January 2011

Oswald Spengler once said that antique world was dying without knowing it.., it therefore could enjoy each day, even last ones as if it was gift from gods. Our gift is one of knowing our fate. Our civilization will die consciously he said and every step of it's decay will be monitored as patient who is under observation of experienced doctor.

Window up to nature.

It is obvious that they are last humans in their towns and villages, after them there will be forest.

This is house where old woman lived untill last summer. She died and her house empty, still intact. In a couple of years it will look like ghost house.

We call this season golden autumn.

With closer look you see some sort of a halloween character standing by the window. There shall be no one, this is far away village, dead as doornail.

Those mushrooms like mushrooms from atomic bomb explosion, just in miniature.

What keep people in Chernobyl? It is hope that people will return to abondoned places. As long as I travel in a different areas of Chernobyl I communicate with people and I hear always the same story that land is already sold out and that monks are about to start populating this area and that government plans to build new cities and that radiation is gone... What I see is that people hope inspite of reality and reality is that it is less and less of those last standing ones with hope for live.

Every time I was passing this place I used to stand and look wondering how long this 18 century church will stay in place with no people. I was very sad when in May 2010 I found out that church exist no more.. it burned down after lightning stroke it.

This is tulip season.

House with "dancing" windows

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Young tree growing through litter bin.