We are leaving Polesskoye and heading home. Radiation here is the same as at Grand Central station in New York, where radioactivity of the stone rise the level up to 50 microR/hr.

Excitement of riding a motorcycle through the Wolves Land can not be compared with riding a car. On a car, you just a tourist. On motorbike, you are savage, the abuser, the part of a wild life.

Usually, when they talk about the dead zone, they talk about area that is 30 kms around reactor.

What about this towns and villages? They are 60 kms from reactor.

The Wolves Land is bigger than many think and it keeps on growing. Now days, it spread on 300 kms from South to North and on 100 kms from East on West.

Of course, folks are still living in various places, but you won't find a young and prosperious people with happy faces. They are mostly elderly people who want to spend the rest of their lives in their old homeplace... Some places are clean and safe to live in, but the infrastructure of the region has collapsed and there are no jobs and nothing to attract young people anymore. The region is dying away.

The map below shows the total territory that Chernobyl poisoned with radiation.

There are two wings of the Wolves Land. So far in my reports of "Ghost Town" and "Land of the "Wolves" we have visited only the southern wing which is located in Ukraine and Belorussia.

The northern wing is located in Belorussia and Russia. It is huge and depressing. May be I will tell about this land some day.

Spring 2005

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Photobook "Consumed Land" (From Chernobyl to Fukushima) 2015

I've been collecting insights for this book since Fukushima disaster happened, 4,5 years ago. Like bee collecting honey so is author collecting thoughts for book like "Consumed Land". I think it is time to present new photo book to reader.

Consumed Land is large magazine style full-color photo book, with many color photos of Chernobyl and Fukushima. (Fuku photos not mine) It is printed on heavy white paper. Size of pages is 8.5" x 11" (21,2x 27,5cm).

Of all my Chernobyl photo books this one is most challenging because of complete blackout from corporate and government controlled media. All data is twisted and faked by nuclear industry, general public shows zero interest to the truth. Nevertheless my mind works and I continue writing history of nuclear apocalypse.

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