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HigH SchooL


A picture of me taken in the Hallway's of HCHS.

This is a picture of me in Desktop class.

These are my friends David Cameron and Tanner Long. They are shell sleding. A must try!

This is the 2002-2003 Homecoming Queen and King Seniors: Kaci Davignon and Allan Foster.

This is the Red & White Contest before Snoball. I was one of the Junior Class winners, and Traci (on the right) is the other winner.

This is Jason Hyde and me at Hill City Prom 2003.

I was homecoming candidate for queen my senior year. Here is pictures of the ten of us.

I will be adding pictures and information concerning the school, shortly. Please be patient as I continue to add things. Main Page | Friend's| GirL*Friend's| GuY*Friend's | my Life | me | FamiLy| UsD281 | CaRs