JOHNNY POPP first picked up the sticks at the early age of nine, going on to major in music at the prestigous DANA SCHOOL OF MUSIC at YOUNGSTOWN STATE UNIVERSITY, and he holds both a Bachelor of Science in Applied Sciences, and an Associate's of Applied Sciences. He is one of northeast Ohio's/Western Pennsylvania's most well known and respected drummers. He has played with such notables as ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAMERS LEFT END, and AUBURN RECORDING ARTISTS WRETCH. Johnny has appeared in Numerous Internationally Recognized Magazines and newspaper articles such as MODERN DRUMMER and DRUM! Magazines, and has made various local TV appearances.

Johnny's current band "DANGEROUS INC" has just finished recording their full length album, tentatively entitled "Life is Pain." They are currently in the works on preparing a music video shoot, as well as several big time endorsements. Such endorsers already attained are as follows:

Johnny is always looking to expand his horizons, he is adaptable to numerous musical styles, but is most notable for his creative yet powerful double bass technique and flailing, sledgehammer like chops.