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Bio: Patrick Reinhardt

Patrick Reinhardt is 15. As a child he was abused and left behind by his bitch mother. He developed ADHD. Ever since he has hated his mother and tried to kill her many times. He threatens and beats her and she beats his siblings. Up until recently there was nothing he could do. But, now, he will be lvingi with his grandparents who live right down the street from me.

I met Patrick 8 years ago. For a while his ADHD prevented us from hanging out. Also, he only visits on weekends, limiting us more. Then he got his medication, and he and I were inseperible. I would spend the night and we would talk until the wee hours of the morning about everything. He has been on and off different medications and I have always made sure he: A. took them. B. sold them. He and I started JFI as a way of making us seem somewhat official. We plan on both becoming professional skateboarders and never forgetting this humble begining.

Patrick is the Team Captain. He is a Mongo Stance/Punk Push*, and All Around Skater.

*=Punk pushing is what Bam Margera does: you push with your front foot, back foot on the tail nuts.