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Quotes to Live By

"Why be normal when you can be yourself" - unknown

"Be excellent to eachother" - Bill and Ted

"Movies don't create psychos, movies make psychos more creative" - Scream

"Damn the man, save the Empire" - Empire Records

"Be a nutritionist. It's mad money for telling someone to eat salad" - Caitlin Bargar

"live the life that makes you smile" - Caitlin Dawson

"No compassion, kill you masters" - Otep

"It's good advice to clean the apple before you take a bite" - Jared Hunter

"Theme parks are so much more fun when the sun's outside" - Relient K

"Fuck the G-ride, I want the machines that are making them" - Zach De La Roche

"having a smoking section in a restaraunt is like having a peeing section in a pool" - Caitlin Dawson

"A pack of cigarettes is over 5 dollars. A box of pigeons is only $4.95. God bless America" - Jared Hunter

"Smiles are free, don't save them" - -

"Silence, something about silence makes me sick"

"I never wanted it to ever spoil, but flies will lay their eggs"

When your refrigerator dies, don't think of it as spoiled milk, think of it as free cheese.