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Taken Lyrics


Well I got nothing to lose whatís to choose?
The left or the right will bring me to do
The things I regret the choices are set
Youíve been feeding bullshit of to my head for too long
Youíve got to stop this you know itís wrong
Youíre not gonna make it you canít go on
The freedom I had you just took away
So why the hell do you think Iíd stay

Itís taking too long and I canít carry on
Itís all just a game and Iím just pawn
Iím sick of this place where I canít even breathe
Where Iím insignificant and youíre just a tease
You tell me Iím fine and I wanna believe
Everything that you say and the lies you conceive
But everything you tell me makes me want to see
The fear and the hate and the world within me

Taking it so far away
Just taking it so far away

Taking it away