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Poppets and Pins Lyrics

Poppets and Pins

Watch out for the vicious cycles
That we tend to neglect
And pay attention to the changes
A star around her neck
Itís good advice to clean the apple
Before you take a bite
But Iíll still taste your kiss on my tongue
If I see her tonight

Lust feeds hate and the hate feeds need
Serial rape is the fashion scene
Burn the non-believers at the stake
Then say the rosary for Salemís sake

Theyíll execute me
If I take this mic and sing
But Iím only human
Until I grow my wings


Feed it fucking feed it
Make believe it
Feed me fucking feed me
Iím a heathen

Spread your fingers on the table
So I can see your skin
The Blood in your veins smells of empathy
And now itís wearing thin
I promised you some toleration
For contradicting views
But thereís a page torn from your bible
That letís me murder you