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Iíve looked so deep into your design
And Iíve seen all the pleasures in which you confide
I see a mirror every time I look at you
And now I see the time has come for something new
I try to see things from your point of view
But itís hard to have a vision with no eyes to use
Iíve seen all the things that you need in your race
Now Iíll tell you all the things you need to replace

This is what our world has brought us
Thereís nothing we can do to change it

Everyone I know can agree with me
But the last thing they want is a philosophy
Iíve picked all the flaws out from your simple mind
Itís so hard to find the good things but I think Iíll try
To master everything that you call Godís creation
And never see the seeds of your own annihilation
I canít make you see why itís not blasphemy

I canít - make time for you, your complaints and your whines
Iíll give - Birth to the dawning of a human design
Iíd live - in a world without dopamine a world without angels
Too late - for anyone to stop this, want to but never tell