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Inject Perfection

Step off
I am at the breaking point
Step off
I am gonna live with my choice
Step off
This is the open door to my dimensia

Free my mind from this
Halfway consciousness
Iím barely alive
Break me free of this
Padded cell Iím in
Itís my will to survive

In my mind and in my skin
Itís only human
To lust for more seratonin
Lacking water
We are more than this disease
Nervous Nausea
Plaguing every inch of me


Godís creation failing me
Thereís one solution
Swallow down amphetamines
I am weightless
Free to fly above these walls
But I still hate this
Iíll see the truth before I fall


Pump the Patient full of Menocycline
And these injections prelude perfection

Pump the monkey full of menocycline
And these injections prelude perfection
Sever infection again