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Dream #3 Lyrics

Dream #3

She takes away
Everything important in her life
And I don't want to say
I never had the time or patience
She found a way to make
Her life seem meaningful
But it only takes a day
For it to come crashing down
Crashing down on me

It's not so hard to see inside her
She's all out of faces and there's nothing to disguise her
She lead me to believe something I didn't want to hear To justify her innocence is to make it disappear

It'd be so easy to forget her
To let her dig her own grave until everything's all better
There's nothing I can do but watch her life swirl down the drain
She looks into my eyes but it'll never be the same

She's not the same girl
I knew from so long ago
I know she's still alive
Somewhere down below
And if she wants to stay alive I hope she let's me know
I know she did this to herself but I just can't let go
Let go

I want to be able to deny her
To tell her all the things that have been eating at my brain
She tries to tell me she's the same girl that I knew
But every time I look at her she's doing it again
I can't deny her anything I wouldn't want taken from myself
And all my wasted perseverance burns to ashes on the shelf
I'd hate to think that she's beyond repair but maybe it's all true....
Or maybe she still holds the angel that makes promises come true

She said she saw me in a dream
She's reaching me
But she can't hear me when I scream

She said she saw me in a dream