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The Congregation

Break away from the book and the pastor
(conformity lies to you, don’t give a…)
Fuck the guilt trip and the dogmatix
(The stage is our chapel the music our…)
Christ my savior my shepherd my drug
(We achieve what we want not through god but through…)
Take action now and sell your soul later
Facades upon life morals blinded by the walls
Sweet and candy-coated perfection to which we fall
All eyes on the cross we are mindless to dogma and blind to ourselves
From white robes to white hoods we lock heavens gates to those who pray to someone elses…
God preaches hate and tends to discriminate against the congregation
It’s time too…

Break away from the book and the pastor...

Someone wrote these pages to keep me in line
But I’ll write the new ones to reflect upon mine

Burn in hell for your lack of faith
The church of love only preaches hate
To each his own god without persecution
Let’s have one more round of my own crucifixion

(These angels will scream no more for our sins with the coming of the new womb
The new Adam and Eve created by the mind of man
And no longer shall we live welcoming manic fields of depression)