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Blowing Kisses Lyrics

Blowing Kisses

White skin and dead eyes that swallow me whole
Too sick a depiction for me to condone
What lies in my head I'll bury away
She's not even alive to push him away
Screaming sensations that don't make a sound
Bleeding defacings that trample me down
Dreaming of evils that aren't even real
It's just an image that never repeals

Push it shove it inside necro-divine
Asses the rest of this mess inside me
Push it shove it inside necro-divine
Render me blind

I wonder if she was ever alive
Or just a figment in the back of my mind
Is this so natural to have in my head
Or is it a sign that I am already dead

I'll be fine as soon as I find my grip
Whisper softly when I start to slip
Necrophilic to put me to shame
Blowing a kiss will never be the same

I'm in trouble again with my thoughts
I swear to god I'm a hopless lost cause
Insecurities beckon for me
I'll lay myself down and pray for sweet dreams

Blowing kisses to an anonymous god