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  • (9/28/05) 8:46 PM
    Steve brought this drunk girl back to our room last night. She was one of Steve's friends, she wasn't like a stranger or anything, but she sorta passes out on Steve's bed and Steve and our friend Reggie were trying to get her to come to. They said some dude was trying to like take advantage of her, so when they left to go get her suite-mates, they told me to take care of her and not to let anyone in. I'm trained for this kinda stuff for work, but still it was kinda crazy. I've never actually taken care of someone like that before. I mean what if she like stopped breathing or something. She was fine but it was just kind of a crazy senario. Well, I have to go get ready for a job interview. I'm applying to be the guy that drives the campus shuttle.

  • (9/27/05) 11:49 PM
    Wow, it's been a while. I guess I should fill in everything that's happened in this 4 month gap. Well...Dignify broke up when Fred got Steve and Chris to join his electronica project, but they didn't have the balls to tell me and mike so I found out that they bailed on us from looking at their profiles, so I'm not on good terms with them. Grace went to college in manhattan, but then decided she wanted to go into teaching, so she's transfering to central for the spring semester, which is good cause I miss her like crazy. Ray Mike and I just started a new band with Teddy Freeman and Ray is switching from guitar to bass. I took up the sport of extreme stunt pogo stick and got Matt Almeida to join me in it. I'm making a video to send to to join their extreme pogo team. Oh and I got voted in as the Public relations officer for the Network Peer Educators, so I'm going on a retreat this weekend to give a presentation to the new recuits about nictotine addiction. Uhhh....that's about it. But tune in next time where I'll battle the Kiss army at the battle of 1812.

  • (5/25/05) 10:29 AM
    Updating from Grace's apartment again. Finished up another day at the studio workin' with Corie. My voice is so tired and my throat hurts. I'm so glad we're taking a break and finishing next week, my voice needs the rest. The recordings are coming out so great though. I'm really excited. Things are really picking up for Dignify. We're getting more Webster shows and things are moving faster. I've been seeing alot of my friends from around town too. I can't wait to see hang with them when the high school gets out.

  • (4/28/05) 1:20 AM
    Fun night. Grace Left for Pennsylvania for the weekend, and I went to Corie Citron's. Corie is recording Dignify for a few bucks, so I'll be over there for the next weeks. After recording I went out with Steve and Fred for BK, and then back to Fred's where we popped in the worst video I've ever seen. It was some Native America film put out in the 80's, and it was just like random shots of disasters and horrible things happening with weird techno and Native American music over it. Very Clockwork Orangish. At Corie's though it was really funny, Mrs. Citron stopped me to say how happy she was to hear that I was with Grace. I guess she used to go over there alot when she was dating Bryan Warren, and she was telling me what a great girl she was and how happy she was that we ended up together. It made me feel really good.

  • (4/28/05) 1:20 AM
    Got a busy weekend coming up. Tomorrow I have to steal a bunch of wrist bands from public safety so that I can sneak Kyle, Katrina and Chris and Katie Mala into the Cyrpess Hill concert at Uhart on sat. Once that's done I gotta drive into down and deliver Dignify tickets to the needy children. Then Saturday I gotta come back to school for the rest of spring fling. It's gonna be nuts. I can't wait to say hey to all the people I'm delivering too though. Call my cell if you want me to drop off tickets. Anybody and can gimme a buzz for front door ticket delivery. 203-558-7029.

  • (4/12/05) 11:27 PM
    Stressed with school. Trying to sell Dignify tickets which is going ok. I hope Grace can sell some at school. I'm gonna be out for summer soon, very crazy. I wanna dedicate my whole summer to being a better musician. I think I'm gonna audition for the Hart School of Music for the fall. I'll just study my theory all summer, and practice with the band. It was so bad trying to pick my classes for next year, cause I'm realizing that I don't wanna take all these basic writing classes and math crap. Maybe I'll move into a commune, write music all day and live off the dirt. Nah, little too hippy.

  • (4/12/05) 11:27 PM
    Sittin' up in my room watchin tv. It's soo boring up here. I can't wait til Fred comes home and Dignify can start playing again. We're planning some crazy stuff for the summer, and I'm nervous I won't get to see grace off when she goes to college. It's gonna be so hard to see her with all this stuff going on and I feel terrible. I promised myself I'd do whatever it took to make Dignify happen though, and I gotta give it my all. Things are goin pretty good though, I'm seeing Grace tomorrow and it's gonna be great. Friday night we're gonna try to double with Steve and Holly or some other couple. I'll call steve tomorrow.

  • (3/6/05) 7:55 AM
    It's soo early. I'm updatin' from mikes house. I slept in his basement and the dog was lickin' me and woke me up. Mike's uptairs sleepin' so I thought I'd update. Today is gonna be great. Steve, Chris, and Fred get back from Penn today and Mike and I are gonna meet them for lunch. Then me Katie Green , Dave Cook, and hopefully some of the Dignify guys are gonna go bowling. Should be very cool. I'm excited to see Fred. But anyway hanging with Mike was great. We were editing Dignify video's all night. We made a sweet intro. Ooh mike's up gtg.

  • (3/3/05) 2:08 PM
    These are goooood times. It's sunny out, I'm goin home for the weekend, and on Saturday I get to go talk to record executive cause of this contest that Dignify won. It's probly nothin big at all, but I'm still psyched. Fred's coming home sunday and I think me and all the guys are gonna hang out. So far this has been an amazing day! I'm going bowling with dave cook sunday, and I get to meet Graces uncle who I've heard so much about. I guess my weekends pretty busy, but things are goin great. I wish someone would gimme a ride into town sooner though.

  • (2/15/05) 1:25 AM
    What a crappy Valentine's Day's. It was disgusting outside and I was alone all day. Ugh I'm in the worst mood. I have no money and no means of getting anymore money. I don't have any money on my hawk card so I have to dig in to my meal credits to buy everything and it's gonna make everything run out. Anyway Grace said Ray and Griffin were pushing her around at school today, and it really pissed her off. I sucks not being around to make sure assholes don't touch your girl. I'm like a ghost at school. Maybe I'll be a superhero when I grow up, then people will respect my girlfriend.

  • (2/13/05) 1:25 AM
    I'm updating from Grace's house...weird. Well I've been in such a bad mood all weekend. No reason really, which makes it worse I guess. I was gonna hang with Caitlin Bargar this afternoon, but I had to get clothes for a dinner date with grace and I ran outta time. It's so hard to make to to see anyone on weekends. Anyway, I was pickin up a heart-shaped box of chocolates in Right-Aid when I ran into Caitlin and Grace Dawson. It was such a trip down memory lane. It was good though, I kinda thought I'd never see Grace again, cause she doesn't go to the high school or anything. They're doin' good though. other than that things seem ok. Cept I'm flat broke, I need a way to grab some quick cash.

  • (2/3/05) 12:07 PM
    Things are going pretty standard here. Spent an amazing day with Grace yesterday, but I'm not gonna see her this weekend. So I guess Tom Brewer punched her in the face today. It really upset me. It's just so unnecessary and he didn't even apologize. I'm gonna have to bring it up with him, at least so it doesn't happen again. These kind of idiot conflicts piss me off to no end.

    Matt Invited me to a superbowl party Sunday. I think I'm gonna get a ride into town and go.

  • (1/26/05) 12:07 PM
    Boring night. No one's around and I'm just sittin in the dorm. Grace is coming up tomorrow, so I'm excited. We've been really tense with eachother lately though. It's like we're on the verge of fighting whenever I call. I think it's just a stressful time. Schools got me bummed out. It's not even like I can look forward to weekends and breaks, cause I'm like going through music withdrawl. I don't even know what I'm doing at college. One minute I was planning a tour with Dignify, and the next Fred's gone and I'm sitting in a math class. I still don't understand why the guys gave up so easy, but all I know is if I got another chance to take up that guys offer, I'd be in New Orleans before you could blink.

  • (1/17/05) 7:46 PM
    Back at school. I thought it was going to be extremely depressing, but now that I'm here it's not so bad. Nate's probly gonna come in a little bit and I haven't talked to him since our little fight thing. This could be interesting. eh, I'm not worried.... Anyway vacation was great, cept for the fact that I'm still on 56k at home and couldn't update the site lol. Sorry bout that. But I got to spend alotta time with Grace, which was AAAAAAAAAAmazing. But I got to see all the guys too. It's hard hanging with those guys, cause it's like, I love them all individually, but when everyone's in a group it's nothing but drama. Sometimes I just wanna hang with my friend Theresa, or my friend Griffin. Hanging with the whole crew is like a whole different friend entirely sometimes.

  • (11/30/04) 12:59 PM
    Things are going pretty good. My friend Steve brought his car up for the week, so we can finally get off campus. Grace is coming up Wednesday, and this weekend me Mike and the guys are gettin together! I'm so excited, we havn't hung out in so long. Butters IMed me today which made me happy, and so did my old friend Ashley. And Melissa informs me that Fallout boy is coming to New York and Pennsyvania and that we might go. GOoooood stuff. Anyway, school work is still kinda stressfull, it's still sooo hard to get into the music department, but I'll work at it.

  • (11/21/04) 1:07 PM
    Kind of a bad night. Got to see Grace which was great as always, but we went to Abby's house and it wasn't my usual crowd. Normally that's not a prob, but I just feel kinda pressured to score points with Grace's friends, and I'm way too quiet when I'm with them. Anyway I gave Toby and Sarah a ride home, and they were like heatedly making out in the back seat, which was really distracting. I got kinda peeved and said something. I feel really bad, it was my night to score points with Graces friends and I like flipped on them in the car. I'm really emberrassed. I just find that kinda thing really rude and low class. It's like c'mon, I'm nice enough to drive you home, now you can't even make conversation? ugh, I probably shouldn't have said anything, I just felt really disrespected. I hate that, cause all I'm doing is sticking to my morals, and now Toby probly thinks I'm a dick. .... Welp, guess I'm the only one who thinks it's asshole-ish to make out in the back of someone elses car.

  • (11/07/04) 10:53 PM
    Spent the weekend at my friend Steve's house in New Hampshire. Very cool stuff. Got back around 9ish and called Grace, but she was kinda bummed. It's one of those things where you can ask to help a million times and she'll say she's fine, but then somehow you feel guilty when you hang up the phone. I hate that.
    Ah speaking of drama Kyle Pasciutti is trying to patch things up between me and Theresa and Ray. I told him I'm not doing scavenger hunt unless things get straightened out, so he's been trying to get all the info and play peer mediator.

  • (11/03/04) 12:56 AM
    Today was a lot better. Kyli called me in the morning to make sure everything was ok. I was really flattered and it made me feel really good. Later Chris and Melissa came and visited me at work. A very pleasant suprise. I showed them around a little then we hung out in my dorm until I had to go to class. My dad came and picked me up and brought me back to cheshire so I could vote. Me and Grace watched Pulp Fiction for her film class, while I was home, and I got back to school just in time to play a round of Tony 4 with Steve. Much less stress.

  • (11/02/04) 1:46 AM
    Grace came up tonight. I think I'm even more depressed after she leaves than I am before. College just sucks. I in my room allllll the time, and now I don't even have anyone waiting for me at home, so I don't even have that to look forward to. There's not even really a problem, but....this is becoming a serious problem. I gotta eat.

  • (10/24/04) 1:44 AM
    Wow what a horrible night. I was all excited about finally having some time to see the crew, at Matt Almeida's house, but Ray was really kinda being mean to Grace. He like harassed her all night then locked her out of her car while it was running. I usually just let it slide because Ray's my friend, but I thought I'd step up and be a good boyfriend for once in my life. Ray got soooooo pissed though. All I said was chill out and told him not to push it. He like doesn't understand that Grace is my girlfiend or something. All I wanted was to step up and be some tiny fraction of a man in front of Grace, and Ray couldn't even give me that. It's like I had to choose between being a good boyfriend and being a good friend and somehow I fucked both of those up. Anyway so then Theresa completely flipped out on me, sides with Ray and says that everyone has a problem with me now. I've never heard any of my friends talk to me the way they did, in my life. I always try to look for the good in people but this was just so unnecessary. So then Kyli calls me and I ask her to hang out, she says "no", then she claims I "made her feel like shit" in her away message. I either wanna die or kill everyone.

    Whatever, I fuckin' tried to be a good human and now everyone on the planet hates me. Well, I wanna die, so everyone who was pissed at me, you lucked out cause you don't have to talk to me anymore, and anyone who still insists on hating me for no reason, I hope you get your throat slit.

  • (10/4/04) 1:02 AM
    Just got back to school tonight after a wild weekend at Dave's Party. I had sooo much fun, and saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while. Like Caitlin Bargar, Brittany Bailey, Katrina P. , and of course Fred. It was weird, some of the stuff he said to me just stuck with me all nigt. And I'm just now realizing that I still wanna be playing music with him. I mean, why am I going to college to major in music when the only reason I wanted to was to get better at playing with Dignify. This band I'm playing with at school isn't the same at all and I'm coming to the conclusion that we threw away the best thing we ever had. I gotta get the 5 of us playing together again somehow. I can't let the dream just die like this. Fred! you gotta come back and save us!!

  • (9/14/04) 3:04 AM
    Played Dance Dance Revolution for like 3 hours tonight. Insane. Goin to Steve-o tomorrow and I can't wait to see the crew. My friends Jenn and Steve from Hartford are coming so it should be good. Anyway this band thing isn't going as well as I thought. They kinda stuck me as the guitar and and a little bit of backup vocal. Which is ok I guess, but I'm just not cut out for full time guitar. I mean I love doing lead vocals, but mabye I should just be greatfull I found people to play with at all.

  • (9/14/04) 11:58 AM
    Had a crazy two nights. Stayed out til 2 in the morning last night, just hangin with my new friends steve. He's pretty cool, really into blink and the pop punk scene. Tonight me and him got chinese and hung out at this girl shari's dorm. Grace is coming up tomorrow, and I can't wait. I really miss her during the week. I think we're going out to dinner tomorrow night too. I love going out and doing classy stuff like that with her. Anyway I met a really cool guitarist up here who knows a drummer and bass guy. We're gonna try to start something. I'm really excited. We'll I'm gettin to bed, I'm all dizzy. Damn feels like they put LSD in my chinese.

  • (9/9/04) 5:23 AM
    Well it's my B-day, and college life is going ok. I made a bunch of new friends, who are very cool, but it's gonna take some time before I can act like I do with the crew in front of them. I think I have seasonal or something. It was rainy and grey out today and it kinda messed me up. I wrote a few poems though, basically just saying things I wanted to say to people but never got the chance. Kyli and Theresa both called to wish me a happy birthday. I felt so flattered. I should have made time to see Kyli last weekend. I feel really bad. She calls me and I'm really glad when she does, but she probly thinks I don't wanna talk to her just cause I'm always too busy to call her. Ugh, I gotta get outta of this slum before Grace comes. We're going out to dinner for the ol' B-day, should be good.

  • (8/28/04) 4:38 AM
    Well here I am chillin in the dorm. I don't know anybody and I have nothing to do accept update the site lol. I should probly go out and get social. My room mate will be back soon, maybe I'll chill with him tonight. Grace helped me move in, and then we said goodbye. It was rough but not too bad. I gotta find some musicians, so I can start playing around and maybe get some inside info on getting into the hart school of music. Who knows maybe I could even get a band going.

  • (8/25/04) 6:56 AM
    I said goodbye to Fred yesterday. It was sooo sad. I've been hanging out with ray and everybody so much, I forgot how much I love that kid. We've been through everything together. It's been such an honor playing with him, and I'm scared I won't again. He'll find some new band that's more deserving of his talents. Ugh, I'm leaving on saturday. This is gonna be rough, things are going so incredible with Grace, and with the whole crew, and I can't help but be scared that everyones just gonna forget about me once I'm gone. Eh, I guess AIM prevents anyone from being toooo forgotten.

  • (8/12/04) 12:58 AM
    So after all this mind numbening high school drama, somehow I ended up with Grace Hernandez, and it's going Amazing! I had gone on a few dates with her, but I didn't realize she liked me so much. I think this one could last. Anyway Katie Green bought me that new Conan O'brien Dvd out of the blue. I felt bad, I totally owe her a gift. I wanna do somethin with her, the crew always wants to hang like everynight, I gotta free up some time. I gotta try to mix Grace, Katey and the rest of the crew into one massive super crew.

  • (8/4/04) 12:58 AM
    Wow. Theresa like doesn't wanna see me anymore. Guess I should have seen it coming. Kinda sucks though. It's like we got into it just long enough to get attached then just to have her totally resign. I don't want to be dumped again. Ya know that feeling where your nervous about a break up, and yer weak in the knees and kinda shaky?. It's like that now. It's not too bad, but I know I'm losing a romance and a friendship though. It's gonna be a custody battle over our friends. Maybe I can get the crew on weekends. There's something so familiar about this.

  • (8/3/04) 12:58 AM
    Went to Tiff's B-Day Party tonight, which was cool. Theresa kinda ignored me for billy which was kinda deppressing, but I'm sort of socaially in-apt, in these kind of situations so I don't blame her. Probobly just more paranoia running away with me. Did shopping carts after the party with kyle, billy, terry, chris and ray. I was feelin kinda sick though so I went home early. I kinda wanted theresa or someone to come back with me, but we probly would have been just as bored at my house. I got my computer for school today. I'll probly set it up for a while then get to bed.

  • (7/21/04) 1:53 AM
    We'll I'm back In CT. I've got Project Revolution tomorrow, I'm really excited. Ugh it's late, I'm just sittin up writin a poem about Theresa. Lol I'm such a loser. Things with her are going soooo good though! I think I bore her alot though. I gotta brush up my A material. Grace and Ray wanna hang on Monday. I hope I can, the three of us always seem to entertain ourselves really well.

  • (7/21/04) 1:53 AM
    Well, I'm in Ithica New York, staying with my sister for the week. It's been pretty sweet so far, We went to a shopping strip yesterday with my sisters friend Sharon. There's alot of hippy and goth culture here, so the stores accomidate for that. Were going to the ropes course today to fool around. Should be quite hardcore. I miss Theresa and the crew alot. Mala is leaving the day I get back so I might not even see him. I wanna hang with everone when I get in though.

  • (7/7/04) 1:53 AM
    Wow, haven't written in here in forever. Lemme get you up to date...Kyli cheated on me with some kid from her play in Naugatuck so we broke up. Sam and Ray broke up so me and Ray started hanging with Abby and Grace, and Sam and Kyli got really mad at us, and this big argument happened, but now Sam and Ray are back together somehow and I think Kyli still hates me.

    Now that that's outta the way....Single life is goin ok. I'm friends with Grace Hernandez now which is pretty cool. Were hanging out tomorrow. I watched a movie with Sam Ray Sean Griffen Billy and Chris Tonight. Watching Sam and Ray made me really love sick and lonely. I'm kinda jeoulous. Hung out at the Thiedes House for the first time last night. That was pretty cool. Afterwards me ray and caitlin just hung out and talked. Caitlin's actually really cute and nice. She'd never go for me though, so I'll stop kidding myself. Theresa's Been gone for a week and a half but it feels like forever. I miss her soooooooooooo much. I think I'll get her a welcome home present.

  • (6/2/04) 10:16 AM
    Things are insanely stressfull. Most of you already know whats goin on, but if you don't, then just a wait a few days and you'll find out...I don't wanna jump the gun. Anyway, I'm at school right now. I think I just need to surround myself with my friends. Everyones been great about cheering me up and I'm so grateful. I think I'm just gonnna throw a million people in my car after school and just chill all day. But in other news the band has stumbled on to some big connections, so who knows what could happen. I really hope something big happens soon, otherwise Fred is gonna go to school in Pennsylvania and the dream is over.

  • (4/10/04) 3:32 AM
    Talked to Caitlin Dawson today. It felt good. It's weird being so close to someone then cutting off all contact. I guess I still have stuff I wanna ask her. Anyway spent my night with Kyli. We went for a hike at sleeping giant then watched a movie, it was really nice. Theresa called to hang, I felt bad I had to blow her off. I'll catch her later this weekend though. As for right now I'm chatting with melissa, the only one still alive on my buddy list at 3 AM. This convo is mind boggling.

  • (3/15/04) 9:29 PM
    Well my computer finally has internet again. Things have been stressfull. Trying to fix my comp, trying to keep Kyli happy and thinking about how bad it's gonna be when fred goes to Berkley and leaves us here. Vocal performance is like the only thing I wanna do, and I don't wanna have to start a band from scractch if Fred leaves, if I can even start one at all. Scary to think about. On a lighter note, I'm getting a footon. Maybe that will balance things out. lol.

  • (2/2/04) 7:30 PM
    Having a good week so far. Getting ready for the show Saturday and things are goin ok. Spent the whole weekend with Kyli, it was really nice. I gotta hang with the guys a little bit though. I feel like I blow them off sometimes. Been reading alot more politcal garbage lately. Kinda messes with your head.

  • (2/1/04) 8:43 PM
    The toad's show went really well. Wasn't a huge crowd but alot of people I didn't even know were going came. I'm really grateful that people would even leave cheshire to come see us. I wanna do something nice for the fans at this next show. Don't know what though, I'll think of something. Saw the butterfly effect. What a messed up cool movie. I definantly recomend it.

  • (12/17/03) 6:11 PM
    Been tryin to write lyrics to the new Dignify songs, but I'm stuck for inspiration. Nothing's been going on lately that's song worthy. I'm gonna have to do some searching. School's been stressful lately. I haven't had alot of time to even stop and think. It's probobly healthy though.

  • (11/27/03)
    Practiced with Dignify today. It felt so amazing to start up again. It was like we never left. I think fred just needed a break to clear his head, spend some time with Marie and get some college stuff outta the way. But whatever, we gotta see when the next available concert is. Can't wait to hit the stage again. Watched a movie at Sammi D's house with Kyli, ray, meliss, terry and billy. Kyli slept the whole time lol.

  • (11/07/03) 4:14 PM
    Had one crazy Halloween. Went trick or treating with the crew and then went back to Billy's and watched 28 days later. AND...I finally let Kyli know that I like her! and I must say everything worked out very well. We're hanging out tonight too, I'm so pumped lol. She's so cool to hang with, we just sorta click whenever we talk. I guess it's hard to explain. Anyway, I still have to find out whether or not DTN3 is still on.

  • (10/26/03) 11:18 PM
    Last night was awesome. Went to Lake Compounce haunted graveyard thing with Kyli Sullivan. Pretty creepy. Then we just messed around with people in the park. Kyli's such a nut, I love girls like that. We stopped by Kyles afterward just to chill. All in all a pretty cool night.

  • (10/24/03) 1:39 AM
    Went to the Mall with Danni Lenoir and Kylie Slade. Quite a suave trip, as they would put it. Got some stuff at hot topic and did that photo booth thing where it makes yer pic look like a pencil sketch. Those two are crazy together, it's great. They're the kinda people who make you forget all yer stresses and just live for the moment. Pretty cool feeling. I have got to take these girls pigeoning. Kylie Sullivan freed up her night tomorrow so we're gonna chill, should be cool.

  • (10/18/03) 1:18 PM
    Great night tonight. Watched a movie with Kyli Sullivan. She's really cool, I don't know why I never chilled with her before. Anyway we watched "The Real Cancuun" then called Ray, Sam, Meliss and sean over to throw some pigeons. Very fun. Can't wait til DTN3. Kyli wants to go with us, so I'm gonna try to squeeze her into my car. Should be a sick trip.

  • (10/12/03) 12:36 PM
    Hung out with Liz and Amanda last night. We watched quite a disguting movie. It was called May. Freaked me out to no end. It was one of those movies that disturbs you for like 2 days after you watch it. I really liked it though. Katey Green came into Hines today. I was so excited. That girl is my fricken hero lol. next to Dave and Theresa. I wanna chill with chris this weekend. He's with kyle 24-7 though. I could probly chill with those guys, but if I hang out with kyle for more than a few hours I always end up feeling bad about myself. He just does that somehow lol.

  • (9/12/03) 11:14 PM
    Had a pretty cool day, things are really lookin' up. Went to Peter's for lunch with Sam Ray and Alex. Then Chilled at Kyle's with Mala. Soooo fun. Jaime and her mom are taking me out to dinner tomorrow night cause I gave her a bunch of guitar lessons. And Scarlett sorta asked me on a date for sunday, so this weekend should really cheer me up.

  • (9/10/03)
    Man what a week. Me and Caitlin went on a break but she sorta stopped talking to me, and meg said it's not lookin good, so I'm guessing I should take a hint. We weren't like going out forever or anything but it still kinda hurts when ya lose someone ya really like. Anyway putting an oven on kyles porch cheered me up alot. And thanx so much to everyone who gave me emotional support: Chris, Jaime, Mike, Katey,Dave, Scarlett, Caitlin, Katrina, and Amanda. Thanx so much guys, I'll be ok.

  • (9/1/03) 1:08 AM
    Gave Caitlin her b-day presents today. She was happy with them, which was cool. But man mono sucks. Can't wait til everythings back to normal. Dave's party was great! I love his shindig's. Bonfire, trampoline and I got to see footage from "Loser II". I love seein' everybody. I wish Mike had come though. I haven't seen him all summer. We don't really hang out anymore. He's got Lauren and Kyle I suppose. Anyway I've been readin' alot of stuff on anarchy. Bargar sorta got me thinkin about it. Alot of it makes sense, but I don't have too much of a stand at this point.

  • (8/14/03) 3:48 PM
    Caitlin's gone but I'm not having too bad a week. Me and Chris have been chilin and I caught up with some old friends I don't usually get to hang with. Jaime is home from camp so I'll be doing guitar lessons again soon. And I'm headin' up to the cape to see Caitlin this Sunday. So far it's pretty cool way to end the summer. Katey Green is leaving for school next week though. I wish I had hung out with her more, but we're gonna chill after I get back so it should be cool. I still wanna throw my crazy house party before school starts.

  • (7/24/03) 10:54 PM
    Ugh, stress. I think I need to do something to relax. It's like this endless cycle of stupid worrying that I get whenever I'm seeing a girl. I don't think I ever wanna hear "Blowing kisses" again. It just reminds me of why I wrote it and how messed up everything is. And Antichrist superstar RUINED MY LIFE. But I'm hopelessly addicted to it. ugh. I just wanna live, I wanna love, but it's..... well you know the rest.

  • (7/12/03) 1:16 AM
    Had two awesome nights in a row Chilin at Danielle's yesteday and watching movies with Caitlin Alex and Meg tonight. Caitlin did some artwork for me which was fricken amazing looking. I've gotta display it somewhere. I've still gotta ask if she can come to the block party tomorrow. I hope she's cool with spending so much time with me. I always wonder if I'm abusing my gf privlages. Whatever, things with Cait are going awesome.

  • (7/3/03) 1:01 AM
    Cait left for her camping trip today. She's not getting back til sunday night late. We left on kind of a stressfull note. I hate it when stupid little things build up in my head. I just hope she's doing better than I am. I can just picture her thinking about stuff her whole trip, then coming home and never wanting to see me again. Not the most likely possibility lol. I'm sure everything's fine. Me and Chris took a trip to seek wisdom from our friend Caitlin Bargar. We called it our Pilgrimage to the oracle. Bargar always seems to have excellent advice. We ended up lightin off some fireworks in her backyard. Quite a cool trip.

  • (6/26/03) 2:55 AM
    Went to Sarah's party tonight. Caitlin couldn't come but it was still cool to hang with all my friends. Man I wish all those guys knew how much I love hanging out with them. I think I'm gonna throw a party pretty soon, so I'll just invite everyone. Kyle came over for a bit after the party to play the matrix video game (soooooo sweet). I talked to my friend Caitlin Bargar before I went to bed. Talking to her always cheers me up. I've gotta introduce her to Caitlin and Chris so we can all hang out. The four of us in the ecto would be one crazy ride.

  • (6/23/03) 10:33
    Went to Lake Compounce with Caitlin all day, then rented a movie. I was fun but I was in a weird mood cause I just found out I failed math this year. They like called my house to inform my mom of my options. I can either go to summer school or fuck up my schedule for next year(or shoot myself in the head). None of them are as bad as listening to my dad bitch about it. I hope he fucking blows up! I'm going to bed, I hope Iraq bombs my house with me in it.

  • (6/20/03) 12:32 AM
    Went all over town with chris tonight. We ran into Jeff, Rachel and Eric outside hallmark foolin' around. Couldn't see Caitlin though, she had to study. I gotta get together with Sara soon to work on our talent show act. I can tell caitlin's kinda bothered that I'm doing a duet with another girl, and I feel kinda bad. I think it'll work out though, I don't even think were doing a love song or anything.

  • (6/14/03) 1:21 AM
    Hung out with chris after school today, then had a movie night with Caitlin. Wish I could see her tomorrow, but I have to work and she has to study. Things are going really well with her, hope she feels the same way. I have vocal tomorrow. I'm singing that Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow song. I haven't even practiced it yet.

  • (6/07/03) 9:49 AM
    Didn't get to play tamberine joint last night. Maybe it's better just to end with without having to go through with saying goodbye, that would be so much harder. Anyway, goin' to the mall with Caitlin today after vocal. Having her around really makes me feel better about this whole Dignify mess.

  • (6/05/03) 9:45 PM
    I can't believe Fred is doing this too us. He's the last person I thought would ever abandon the dream. We put so much work time, money and everything into this band. I poured my heart out into those lyrics and all Fred has to do is say "I don't feel like playing anymore". I think every friend I have I met because of Dignify. I just hope I still have them when this is all over.

  • (6/4/03) 8:39 PM Caitlin came over today! I was actually really excited about it. She's so cool to hang out with. I wanted her to come to 104 and CKY when they come around but I keep forgetting that she's kinda young and that her parents are gonna be little protective. We can work around it though. Our musical tastes differ a lot anyway. I hope she can come this friday.

  • (5/15/03) 9:58 PM
    Just got back from the carnival. I went with chris and met up with Caitlin Dawson and some other peeps. Me Chris and Caitlin should hang out more. I need more friends outside of dignify and I love hangin out with those guys. I'm skatin with Brit on saturday if I can fit it into my schedule.

  • (5/10/03) 9:57 AM
    Last night was pretty cool. Hung out with EVERYONE. My friend Caitlin from Hamden showed up and taped our whole set for us. Dave made it after work too. Afterward I went home and watched Jackass and Punk'd with Kyle and Brittany afterward. I love show nights.

  • (5/06/03) 10:20 PM We'll prom wasn't nearly as romantic as I thought, but still fun. I'm just glad we have this show Friday. Caitlin's gonna try and make it so I'm kinda excited. And mos opus dropped out, so we're headlining. Me and the guys are gonna stop by dodd tomorrow and sell tickets.
  • (5/02/03) 4:08 PM
    Prom tomorrow. Pretty exciting I suppose. I'm not huge on dances but it'll be fun hangin out with Rachel all night. I'm chilin' with Brit tonight. We're going to see This Side Up at a private party. Should be cool. I think I need to hang out with Brit more. The guys in the band all have they're own little lives going on lately and I need more friends to hang with. If you ask me they don't even wanna be a in band anymore.

  • (4/23/03)
    Hung out with Chris and Tim tonight. I'm liking hanging with anyone I want after work. I kinda miss Rachel though. I really wish me and Rach could sit with the guys at prom. They bumped me for Jerome and Julia what's-her-name. Probly for the best now that I think of it.

  • (4/22/03) 1:24 PM
    Hung out with Kyle Mike and Chris today. We went to a party of Katrina's 8th grade friends to check out an aspiring young band. They weren't bad, but the rest of the party was just depressing. Everyone there was such a druggy. Katrina's such a cool kid, she shouldn't be hanging out with people like that. I just hope Dignify has a bigger influence on her than her friends do, but it's not likely.

  • (3/24/03) 6:05 PM
    Man, off to the start of a stessful week. No school friday though and the weekend is gonna be great! I'm hopefully hangin out with Rachel on thursday, got the show on friday and I'll probly go skate on Saturday.

  • (3/14/03) 8:09 PM
    Tomorrow's my big night. I think I'm more excited about meeting 40 Below than I am about playing. I can't wait to play though. It's gonna be great hangin with everyone before we go on too. I'm going to the mall with Brit and Danielle tomorrow to get an outfit for the show. I love hangin with those guys. Tim might come too.

  • (3/10/03) 4:37 PM
    Last night was excellent. Went to CKY with mike and met up with Devin. They were awesome as always, and it was good finally seeing Dev again. Mike's pretty stressed lately and I think the show helped him relax a little. He was in a much better mood on the way home.

  • (3/07/03) 8:05 AM Had Band practice today. Didn't get a whole lot done though. Steve couldn't make it, I guess he's pretty sick. Hope I don't catch anything before 40 below. Fred's doesn't want to add any extra stuff to our cd, like a cover or title or anything. I kinda wanted it to be like an actual album, but he just wants a demo. Even if there's only 6 tracks, I think it should be a work of art in itself. Vocal with Caitlin and Ashley tomorrow.

  • (3/06/03) 10:56 AM
    Last night was pretty sweet. Me Tim Steve Danielle and Mala, went to see Otep at the webster. I met all the guys except for Otep herself, and they all signed my ticket stub. I also got my pic taken with Moke (the drummer). I'm so glad we didn't have school today, I got home at 1:00 am.

  • (3/04/03) 9:35 PM
    Fred keeps calling our show with 40 Below a competition. I told him it pissed me off that he had that in his profile and crap but he didn't really take me seriously. I think he forgets that it's alot easier for him to compete with other musicians than it is for me. I have a feeling that my big night is gonna get ruined somehow.

  • (2/28/03) 11:31 PM
    Had a pretty cool night. Band practice, went to Subway with Steve and Tim then went to kyles to chill with him Katrina and Scarlett. Watched CKY4 and played ultimate multi-puck airhockey with Scarlett. I felt bad Steve had to take off to see Holly. I wish he would bring Holly to hang out with us more. He always feels like he has to pick between seeing us or seeing Holly. We all like her, I don't see why we all can't chill. Whatever, I won't praud into Steve's business.

  • (2/27/03) 7:13 PM
    Half day today. I went to subway with the guys. We couldn't stay out though, all the guys had to get home. I need to go out on weekdays more, I'm way too cramped up in my room all day. I guess the guys finished the music for 2 more songs. I'll have to get more lyrics done. I've been stuck for inspiration lately though

  • (2/25/03)9:49 PM
    Mike came in to apply for a job at hines today. Having him around at work should definantly make things interesting. Anyway, I finally met my singing partner for the minotti music show. She's pretty cool, but she's gonna put me to shame on stage. I'll have to practice like nuts. The shows not til may though and I have lessons til then.

  • (2/21/03) 9:52 PM
    I hung out with Danielle and Brit today. James Chris Mala and Julie were there too. I love hangin out with those guys. I wish the band interacted with other humans so we could all hang out. Vocal lessons and studio tomorrow, I should probly get some sleep tonight. I kinda wanna go out though. Mike and Steve are driving around, I was kinda hoping they'd stop by. Whatever, I've gotta work on lyrics anyway.