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Before you look any further, please check out the collection of Z-11 photos on my friend Roscoe's Impala page by clicking HERE!! He has quite a large assortment of vintage Z-11 Impala pictures!

Here are some of my own pictures.

This car was owned by Chuck Turner and two other person's. One was a salesman for the Floyd Floren Chevy Dealer. The car is now restored and setting on display in the Floyd Garrett Muscle Car Museum in Sereville, Tenn. The car is now owned by Dick Bridges of South Carolina. I have talked with Chuck Turner several times and he has talked to Dick Bridges and Chuck is glad the car is alive and well.


This is one of the most famous Z-11's, known as "Old Reliable".


This is the Schultz and Shaiver car.


Stay tuned for more!