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Giles Endicott


 Born: 14/12/1984
5ft 9in
 Weight: 67Kg
 Job: Student

















Giles Started boarding in October of 2002, at the Southampton Alpine Centre, with 6 other beginners from the Southampton University Ski and Snowboard Club (SUSSC).  After 6 1 hour .lessons, he progressed to self learning there, before moving on to real snow at Milton Keynes in December 2002.  His progression was marked by a love of the freestyle side of the sport, pushing himself to slide rails, and jump while his turning was still weak. 

His first experience of mountain snow was at the BUSC Championship in Les 2 Alpes, April 2002.  This ended tragically on the last day with broken ribs after being hit by a skier.  Six weeks later, as soon as he could, he was back training at Milton Keynes Snozone once more.


Life before Snowboarding..   Crazy about music, played the guitar a lot, did a lot of street skateboarding,

How old where you when you first began riding? 18

What/ Who got you into it? Uni snowboarding club and my mate Craig








Snowboarding Interest:


What do you love about snowboarding? The adrenalin rush, the pure thrill the speed gives you, the pure concentration and blocking everything else out while boarding.

What's your goal within Snowboarding? Enjoy myself and keep pushing myself to do everything I can possibly do.

What style of snowboarding best describes your riding (include a couple if you want)? Freestyle

What's you scariest snowboarding moment?  Messing up a 30ft table, and inverting on take off, waiting for the painful landing.

 Some advice:  Wide stances look gangstaa!


Life other than Snowboarding:

What are your interests?  Music, Guitar, Aircraft

Where would you like to see yourself in the future?

What music are you into? Rock, Metal, Punk, Anything with Energy.

Favourtie Band: Atari Teenage Riot

Favourite Film: Kids

Favourite quote: ďA chain is only as strong as its weakest linkĒ

Best cocktail/ shot or drink: Apple Juice, I donít drink alcohol.