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AKWAABA! (Welcome)

Welcome to the volunteer website for New Life International Orphanage.

New Life International Orphanage is located in the small village of Efutu, near Cape Coast in Ghana, West Africa. It is home to around forty children and provides schooling for them as well as food and shelter. Other poor children from the village will be accepted into the orphanage school, if their parents are not able to pay for their education.

The orphanage was founded by Mrs Ruby Ayivohr around eight years ago. She is very much involved with the day to day running of the orphanage and the well being of the children as well as planning for the orphanage's future. She does not have help from Government funding and relies on donations.

I went to work in her orphanage for three and a half months. I taught in the orphanage school as well as helping with the children after school hours. It was a very rewarding experience. The children have so little and yet they still smiled and played and laughed. I hope to raise money for the orphanage so Ruby can continue her good work.

This website will tell you about my experience as a volunteer at New Life International orphanage, how I found life in Africa and information for those considering becoming a volunteer (not just in Ghana). It will also give you some information about the children and details of how to make donations to the orphanage.

This website is often updated so please come back again to check out any new stuff!

If you have any questions about the orphanage or about being a volunteer, feel free to email me at

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