08.12.04 Day at the Dealers
08.11.04  Not Going Silently Into That Goodnight
05.11.04 Damn Birthday Is Sneaking Up Again!

12.25.04 Merry Xmas Everyone!

  Well it's that time of season where we all go crazy cursing people out in the stores only to try to tell everyone else to have peace.  I will say this much.  I do have alot to be thankful for.  While I'm not one of "faith".  I do find myself thankful for my blessings.  I just have to figure out which direction to send my thanks to :)  I want to say Merry Xmas to all of my friends, and even to those who might not appreciate it from me.  Screw you!  Merry Xmas anyway you ungrateful bastards!  LOL.  I want to say Merry Xmas to...

Moms:  Of course.  Love ya!  See you were right I could get thru this.  Love ya!  Best gift I ever got any Xmas was the gift of life you gave me. ::KISSES::

Mikey: You the man Mikey!  Hopefully you will have fun with your computer!  Whoops did I let that slip?!  LOL.  Love you big guy.  You're the greatest kid I know.  Might be cause I'm dad.  But you're still the best thing in the world to me.  I look forward to kicking you can on XBOX Live kid!  LOL  HALO HALO!  ::kisses::

Nory:  Thanks for being there for me baby!  You're the best! Hope You can still lug that 5 foot tall Teddy bear home.  I have something special for you on Xmas... Heh heh heh...

Angel:  Merry Xmas brother.  Man I hope to be saving the streets with you soon man.  If anyone deserves that EMT patch it's you!  You've been a great friend.  I'd been lost if you didn't step in.  I won't forget that.  Got you back.  Just say when...

Vineland EMS Crew:  Man it's been a crazy start with you all.  I wouldn't trade it in for anything in the world.  It's been a honor and definitely a pleasure serving with you all.  May I have many many more years with you all...

Millville Rescue:  Yah I know it's been a while but I do miss the lot of you.  Not the work, but definitely the lot of you guys.  It was great working with you all.

Samantha:  I watch you online.  I want to wish you a merry Xmas!  I'm very happy to hear you've found your way. :)  Good for you.  I hope it's clear sailing for you and yours this holiday.  Merry Xmas!

11.11.04 There is No Place Like Home.

     Truth is I lucked out with a lot of my goodies.  Only thing I really needed is a new dresser.  Got a new bedroom set.  New Kitchen set.  Matter of fact I think I should sell that extra dinette.  I'm managing things well finally.  Apartment is full, bills are paid, fridge is full, and the wine rack is on order.  LOL.  Looking forward to that.  I think this Thanksgiving will have me thankful for many things.  Hell almost have my broken faith restored at this point.  I would post some pix of everything happening but I don't know where I packed my camera.  Maybe next posting.  In the mean while I have the joy of putting up my picture frames, and having my son come and hang out with me.  He's happy I'm doing ok.  He actually said grace just so he could bless the new home.  Brought a tear to my eye.

     I loved being able to get up and chill with a cup of coffee on my couch with my TV.  It is really different when it's you're own place. 

     I did manage  to unpack my desktop but it's a disaster area.  Trying to get it updated.  I almost remember why I gave up computers at this point.  However I do miss chatting online, and playing movies, music, and games online.  I just might have to upgrade so I can keep up. It's good enough to keep me shopping on EBAY. Plus I do keep busy with my XBOX as well.

     Now everyone asked me what happened with Angel.  The Answer is  "Nothing"  He never pissed me off or do anything.  He has been a fantastic friend for me and I really appreciate his help.  Truth is I'm surprised he didn't kill me in my sleep.  Lord knows I probably drove him nuts.  However I had some really really cool times living with him, LOL. God Knows if the walls could talk... Thanks for everything Angel!  He helped me out while I was saving up and getting on my feet.  You're a great friend man.  Couldn't get on my feet if it wasn't for you.  You were right dude.  I did make it after all.  LOL  Glad I met ya Dude  You're all heart.  I've learned not all Angels wear a halo...

08.12.04 Day At The Dealers

      I did get a new truck it's a 95 Ford Explorer.  I got a little teary eyed as I left my old trusty Chevy Blazer behind.  Then I jumped into the driver seat of my Ford and got over it LOL.  I love it power everything. Remote Start.  It's nice to sit inside hit a button and there she is engine warm, and interior cool.  I kinda installed a new CD stereo.  Now a little friendly advice.  If you install a new stereo system.  Remember that stock stereo speakers don't hold up well with after market CD head units.  I installed the damn thing turned it on and blew up all 4 speakers in my truck.  Guess I'll be doing another install next week.  LoL.
     Nory also got a new ride this month.  She's suffering from Matrix Fever.  She's been nonstop running around in her 2005 Toyota Matrix.  She's complaining that it's using alot of gas.  Of course the part she leaves out is that she's already placed almost 800 miles on it within 3 weeks.  There is nothing wrong with the gas mileage.  She just needs to get the lead foot fixed.  I should have a pix of her with it on my Pix For Me! page.

     I'm hoping to take her out and checking the new drive in theater.  I'm waiting to see if AVP comes to it's screen.  It can be a nice night out...

08.11.04  Not Going Silently Into That Goodnight...

  Ok so a lot has happened since my last update.  I was going to tear this site down but late nights at work and this laptop might help me keep this up.  Also there's been a little bit of a scandal with a couple of old friends that seen to have come up.  Now I have heard that there has been posting on this site of a little affair I have had on this site.  Now everyone reading this site for a while will already be able to tell you I wouldn't put my ass out there like that.  I may have a comment here or there but I would never put someone else out on a limb like that.  Seems I have a lost a good friend over this whole mess.  I hope all turns out well for them.
     Well I started to see someone since I last wrote here.  Nory is her name.  She's a 30 year old cutie a sexy little tiny thing.  She's a real sweetheart.  We're really, really different so we'll see how this goes.  I personally think I'll drive her insane within the month. I managed to catch a shot of her just before we headed out to Ba Ba Lus in Atlantic City.  Definitely a good night.
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