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Here are a list with all the best counters available on the net, We have created small reviews of each of them and you will probably not find any better counters on the net. If you using one of the free webhosting companies, a free counter is something you will need.

Hit-Counters Free Hit Counters for your web page. Find out how many users visit your site. Our Free Counters can help you get a beat on how your web page is doing. sponsored Free Web Site Counters are the easiest counters to use.
Internet Counter They offer a free remotely hosted mailing list. You can set up a newsletter for your site, and send messages and announcements to people who sign up.
ExtremeTracking High quality free stats, requires a small icon on your site. Tells you how many visitors you get, exactly how each one of them gets there, what browser, resolution, what operating system they are using, and what country they are coming from. Sample Stats. Highly Recommended.
ICDirect A good counter service that counts daily, weekly and monthly visitors, and only requires 
a small icon on your site. It generates pretty detailed reports. Sample Stats.Highly Recommended.
Getstats A free stats service that shows page views per hour, total page views per day for 8 days, total unique visitors Per day for 8 days, total monthly visitors, total monthly page views, referral listings, keywords used to find your site, plugins used by visitors to your site, country of origin, OS, browsers and more. They require a small banner on every page you use their service.
Liszt Not a mailing list server, but a place to promote your mailing list, and to seek advertisers for your mailing list.
Hitbox  Provides a wealth of information about the visitors coming to your site. This service logs uniques, impressions, referrers (sites, newsgroups, emails, search engines etc), Browsers, Counties, Internet Service Providers used, when they visited, Operating Systems, plugins, languages, Java support, screen resolutions and color settings and much more! The most comprehensive stats service on the internet. Sample Stats. Highly Recommended. 
Fastcounter A service from LinkExchange (you don't have to be a member). A simple, small icon at the bottom of your page that will tell you how many visitors you have received. You get weekly e-mail reports. The downsides are that everybody sees your stats, gives free advertising to LinkExchange (although you do get a counter), and it doesn't give any extra information like some of these other services do. 
BraveNet  One of the many free services that this site offers are free counters. There are several different designs to choose from, although it shows all your visitors how many hits you got, without giving more detailed information like HitBox provides. 
LiveCounter  A great counter that not only displays your traffic "live" (optional), but also generated log files predicting traffic, page views/visitor, most active countries, Browsers, Operating systems and many more very unique features. Sample Stats. Highly Recommended.
Internet Counter A simple customizable counter for your site in a number of different styles, including the number of hits for the last 30 days.
ShowStat This free tracker provides information on the number of unique IP addresses that visited your site in a day, the top 25 browsers visiting your site, JavaScript status, OS, monitor res. and more.
Sitegauge  A free tracker service that provides information such as: sitewide lifetime total pageviews, average unique IPs per day, browser/operating system statistics and more. You can even have these statistics emailed to whatever address you specify. In exchange for all this information you are required to place a small button on every page on your site.
Counter4Free This service provides free graphical counters that are absolutely free of ads - not even a link back or an image tag on the counter is required. You can choose from 50 styles and the counters are easy to install and have a reload protection.
Sitemeter This counter tracks the number of page views, visits, visit duration, page view duration, browser, OS, and more. Several different counter styles available. Sample Stats. Recommended.
Nedstat Not only a counter, but a very detailed stats service as well. However they only tell you the referring pages of the last 25 visitors. All it requires is a very small icon on your page. However one downside to this is that all your visitors will be able to see all your stats simply by clicking on the icon. Highly Recommended.
SiteTracker This free service provides some of the most detailed and comprehensive statistics provided by ANY service. SiteTracker will tell you: Referrer stats, average time user stays at your site, browsers used, screen resolution settings, operating system used and much more.
TheCounter Looks like a very good service. You get lots of information such as the referrers, browsers, operating systems and countries your visitors are coming from. They even have an option to make the counter invisible. Sample Stats. Highly Recommended.
WebStat A free tracking service. Provides information such as the last 50 referrers, Operating System, Browsers and Countries. They only require that you put a small gray button on your site to track stats.
WebTracker  A tracking service that provides data about the browsers being used on your site, return visitors, Operating system and more. They require that you put a small button button on your site in order to track the stats.

Most Popular
  • Hotmail (3)
  • Yahoo! Mail - get free "" email.
  • Netaddress - provides email accounts.
  • MailCity - free web-based email, available through any Internet connection.
  • - provides personalized, web-based email. Also offers premium service upgrades.
  • iName - free web based or forwarded email accounts.
  • Mail2Web - web-based email application which allows users to access accounts anywhere.
  • ZapZone Network (ZZN) - provides a free web-based email solution and service to websites that want to offer free email to their users.
  • My Own Email - free email offering multiple personalized domain names.
  • Eudora Web Mail - access email from any computer.
  • 1 For All Email - offers a variety of addresses to choose from.
  • 121 Free Email - offers collection of mail anywhere including by wireless phone.
  • 3Dmail - 3Dmail is an all-in-one service that comes standard with lots of features.
  • - email and chat as an animated character.
  • - provides spam and virus filtering, instant email notification, and multiple log-in pages.
  • - free web based email account.
  • - ISP offering free email, web hosting, and unlimited Internet access.
  • AFreeInternet - provider of email and links to free Internet services.
  • AltaVista Email
  • AmExMail
  • Angelfire Email
  • AnyWhere Mail - web-based email client/server offering a range of wacky, unusual, and adult-oriented domain addresses.
  • AOL Mail (3)
  • ApexMail - web based email featuring auto-responders, filtering, and more.
  • - membership includes free email, online photo album, chat, games, instant messenger, and more.
  • AseanMAIL - southeast Asian email provider.
  • Atgratis
  • Bachelor Girl Mail - free email addresses.
  • - directory and a variety of offers, including web-based email and home pages.
  • - hosts several BMX websites, and provides free web-based email.
  • Caramail - free email service by from Lycos France.
  • - web based email for you and your family.
  • Daily Web Planner - provides free e-mail and daily planner.
  • Doghouse Mail - offers free web-based mail.
  • Doramail - for all doraemon fans.
  • - offers a consolidated Web-based e-mail service for business and corporate users.
  • E-OmniNet - offers POP3 email, file manager, calendar, bookmarks, and address book.
  • EarthLink WebMail - login page for EarthLink, MindSpring, and OneMain accounts.
  • - free email service provided by easyGroup.
  • Email 4 Good - email accounts for socially responsible citizens.
  • Email Accounts 4 Free - choose from multiple domains for a free web based email address.
  • Email2me - free web-based email service with many features.
  • - offering free email accounts.
  • EmailChoice - web based email service.
  • - provides email for the technical support community.
  • epenguin Mail - offers web-based e-mail.
  • Eudora Web Mail - access email from any computer.
  • Every Mail - offers multilingual web-based email.
  • Excite Mail - free web-based email.
  • Expat Mail - web-based multi-lingual email designed specially for globetrotting expatriates.
  • FastMail - provides Internet email access as well as the ability to work with third-party email programs.
  • Fiberia Free Email - address at
  • - offers addresses with your first name as the domain name, such as
  • FlashMail - gives you the ability to receive, read, and send mail from any computer with Internet access.
  • GibWeb - offers Gibraltar-based email.
  • God Mail - offers email service, message boards, chat, online Bible, personals, and more.
  • - free web-based email address for girls.
  • gURLmAIL - free web-based email.
  • - offers private and free email service.
  • Hotmail (3)
  • HowlerMonkey - offering free accounts.
  • HushMail - web-based fully encrypted email system.
  • iName - free web based or forwarded email accounts.
  • iWon mail - offers free email services.
  • Jershie Mail
  • JoinMe
  • Juno WebMail - allows members to check their email on the Web.
  • Katchup - travellers can get a permanent email address and home page to catch up with mates.
  • - provides email address of to Kansas State University Wildcat football fans.
  • - offers e-mail and personal homepage.
  • Linuxfreemail - web based services based on the Linux operating system.
  • Lovemail - offering email accounts.
  • Lovetrain Records Email - free email provided by Lovetrain Records Corporation.
  • Lycos Mail - provides email, voice mail, and instant messaging services.
  • Madd Hatt Entertainment - offers a free 6MB email account, 100MB web hosting with FTP access, and spam filters.
  • - provides personalized, web-based email. Also offers premium service upgrades.
  • Mail2Web - web-based email application which allows users to access accounts anywhere.
  • Mail2World Personal Services - features a translation engine that allows users to send and receive messages in several languages. Also offers domain names and a variety of skins.
  • - supporting web, POP3, IMAP4 and phone access. Also has news group access.
  • - services in multiple languages, including both traditional and simplified Chinese.
  • MailBR - email gratuito com gostinho bem brasileiro.
  • MailCity - free web-based email, available through any Internet connection.
  • - choose from a variety of domains.
  • MailStart.Com - allows anyone to check their email box from the web.
  • - all 50 states available. Auto virus scanning, unlimited message storing, and more.
  • - offers free email, search engine access, and an email directory.
  • MauiMail - free email from paradise.
  • - online community for well-wired cats and their human valets.
  • Merawala Email - free service offering several domain choices and pop email services.
  • MikellMail - offers free email addresses and web-based service.
  • My Own Email - free email offering multiple personalized domain names.
  • - serving a global community.
  • MyRealBox - email and calendaring services provided by Novell NetMail.
  • NamePlanet - gives users the opportunity to use their own names in their email address.
  • Netaddress - provides email accounts.
  • NZ11 - send and receive emails worldwide.
  • - web-based email service for the occult community.
  • Planet-Mail
  • Postmaster - European free web-based email service. No configuration hassles, full functionality.
  • ProbeMail - send and receive email without a program.
  • ProntoMail - free web-based email address and a personal home page.
  • Rediff Mail - provides users with a free "" account.
  • Return Receipt Email - free e-mail with a delivery receipt. Send e-mail return receipt requested.
  • ROTFL Online Services - free email, free homepages, electronic postcards, and much more!
  • Route1 - providing Windows-based email program with free dial-up access and usage based pricing.
  • Stoolmail
  • Synacor Email - web-based email service.
  • T-Mail - real-time email machine translation service.
  • ThatWeb - offers one-step gateway access to one's different email accounts anywhere.
  • - offers web based email service.
  • Vanity Email - offers customizable domains including professions, hobbies, music, and more.
  • Walkerware Popmail - allows users to check pop3 email accounts.
  • WeekOnline - web based mail server for sending email from any Internet enabled computer in the world featuring a complete system for scheduling appointments, meetings, and memos.
  • WitchesBrew Mail - available in multiple languages.
  • Wong Faye Free Email - free web-based email with an domain.
  • Wowmail - with free email, websites, daily news, horoscopes, and more
  • - provides email and screen savers.
  • Yahoo! Mail - get free "" email.
  • Zappo! Mail - offers free web-based email at
  • ZapZone Network (ZZN) - provides a free web-based email solution and service to websites that want to offer free email to their users.

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