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The Begginers Guide to Fire Works

The Best things about fire works

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Ok this site is about fire works and a begginers guide to making them. I have personally tried and made them all so I know they work. Ok there are 4 levels of diffuculty so far and this sight is fairly new so I do not have much on it yet. But you can check back soon and see if I have any more projects ready. Also, I know where to get most of the basic chemicals and ingredients to making most of these. So you wont be needing to ship away to get these. So lets get crackin!! And have some fun!!!

TERMS OF POLICY. You may use this web site to your own advantage and for personal purposes only. I shall not be held responsible for any injuries you may recieve from any of these experiemts. This is strictly for your entertainement and enjoyement. Use this site at your own risk and enjoy.