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Hay everyone! Welcome to Equest Club! Glad you were able to stop by and have a look around! As manager of this site it is my goal to make this a fun and interesting site for all horse lovers around the world. Every day of our lives and every riding experience- we are always learning something new about horses. There is always a little "piece of the puzzle" added to the greatest animal in the world- horses. Horses play a very important role in life. They help excite childhood dreams, they bring happiness, strength, courage, trust, love, and so on. I hope everyone comes to this site, comes back again because there is always going to be recent news, articles, pictures, etc. I hope this site really turns out to be a great hit for many horsey people out there. But for a site to get hoppin' we need members and staff. If you are interested in helping me out- please let me know through e-mail. That's about it- have fun and have a "horse-ir-iffic" day!


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