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The Old Man and the Sea

An old man has been fishing for life, he catches the biggest fish he had ever seen. It does not fit in the boat so he ties it to the side, does the fish make it back? Santiago(the old man) is a great fisherman. He has fished all his life, accompanied by a young boy since the boy was five. The old man was brave,understanding and caring. He battled every and any fish that he hooked winning or not. The young man's parents disallowed him to fish with the old man yet they stayed best friends. The old man cared for everything in his life including fish, human, really anything living. Santiago is an expert fisherman, known as the best. He hasn't caught a fish in forty days and on the forty-first day of no fish, he goes out far to sea and hooks a marlin. The great fish fights with him for two days without the old man seeing it. The fish finally surfaces and Santiago estimates him to be 1500 pounds. After 3 painful days of fishing Santiago pulls the fish in with a harpoon. The fish was bigger than the boat so he tied it along side. On the way home a number of sharks go after the huge marlin. During the daylight Santiago kills the sharks with them doing minor damage but when night falls the sharks take all of the fish away. Santiago returns with nothing but the head and skeleton of the biggest fish he had ever caught. Ernest Hemingway- Ernest Hemingway is one of the greatest writers to this day. 'he Old Man and the Sea' was one of his greatest books along with 'The Sun also Rises', 'Men without Women', and 'Green hills of Africa'. His story 'The Old Man and the Sea' was a big reason for his fame in writing. This was one of the better books i have read. Ernest Hemingway is a great writer and I am interested in reading some more of his books. I did not like that this book did not have chapters but he put the book together very well!