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Ekual Kuality

Three reasons to spread the word

Bad@$$ sites

skating site
lyrics for songs you dont know
game cheats
download music and notes

DUDE!!!! I you are reading this then you are one of the lucky few. Why you ask? Cuz you found a new website. People of this internet. Spread the word of Ekual Kuality. A new band that has been born but there is only one member. He plays electric guitar and he is seekin for other memebers. No recent playing recquired.But anyway, tell your friends to send e-mails about themselves and their female friends cuz we need some people to admire or play for. If you can hook us up. Well anyway, this website is for the gifted and if that one girl is readin this then i want to let her know I built this webiste cuz of her and the next one is going to be in her honor.Anyone out there who can rip join in on the fun and email to: Thanks for visiting the website. Add to your favorites.