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The Descending Oppostion

As a beginning, I would like for you to make note that all you read is based on neither optimistic nor pessimistic perception, but merely realistic, no matter how much of either it may seem. In fact, the idea Pessimistic and optimistic perception seems as though the perfect place to begin, as it is the foundations for the schism between that of which you know and that of which held in opposition. For instance, let us demonstrate this best by the glass half full/empty metaphor, each part pertaining to one's perceptions, of course. Let us pretend that you only notice the part of the glass that is half full. The rest of the glass is unnoticeable to you, because it is no longer there, it has been sawed off in some manner. But when you go to drink from the cup, is it not likely that you will cut yourself on its brim? Or on the pessimistic route, to which it is half empty. Just like the first scenario, it has been sawed off, but this time, instead of getting cut, you cannot taste the liquid because there is no liquid inside, let alone a bottom. The division has caused you to lose or not gain? So the solution, the opposite of division, is the combining. So Now you see a perfectly normal glass, unsawed, half empty, half full. You can now easily take a drink because there is a bottom to hold the liquid in, and there is a cleanly cut edge on the glass where you will not be cut yourself. This is the realistic approach, where you see the negative and the positive. It is a less used perception, but perhaps by far a more healthy one. Without it, we have what we have today. But this doesn't necessarily make the division of everything completely bad. Actually, dividing things is very healthy, when done correctly, but also when realized that ONE IS NOT USEFUL WITHOUT THE OTHER. For instance, I hear people every day dividing pain from pleasure. I ask you, if pain did not exist, then would pleasure also not? Like Hot and Cold, each trait has a slight amount of its opposite, heat having to have some form of cold to even exist. Good and evil, love and hate, all would not exist without its antonym, because it is literally defined by its antonym. Particularly one pair of opposites: destruction and creation. Without destruction, creation would not exist, for more reasons than just its lack of definition. There would be no way to create the new unless you destroy the old. It is this simple fact that I base a strong portion of my beliefs on, for without my opposition, I would not exist. And if everyone believed what it is that I am writing, why bother writing it? Would a battery work if it only had positive OR negative? One thing's opposite is that things best friend, that is the most simple fact and most truthful. But then, regressing to the heat and cold idea that there is a little bit of cold no matter how much heat. Is one thing truly hot if there is a little cold? Then the whole idea of opposition is shattered, because they, like the realistic perception, are combined and are nonexistent. Or at least, existent in a different form