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Welcome, to the RIDD designz web site. Here at RIDD we offer you a chance to order banners from Daz and hopefully soon some new designers. To order these banners go to the requests page.The best banners that are made by RIDD for people will be up on the Gallery pages along with some others. We also have a Members Designz page where you will be able to view members banners. If you want to display some of your work on the members pages please go to the submit page. You do not have to do anything to become a member (once you have submitted 1+ banner/s you will be a member but this doesn't mean anything). You will be able to use any banners on the members and RIDD Galleries or anywhere on the site except for the homepage banner. The banners made by RIDD will be sorted into groups but for now the submitted banners won't be sorted until we get quite a lot. Anyone who submits loads of banners they will have their own section. There will also be a polls page where you will have the chance to vote on the latest polls about Music, TV, Banners etc. There will be quite alot more to the site and added in the future (hopefully a forum soon) but this is just a basic idea (which was written at the start before any other page on the site). If you want any more info or you want to point something out that is wrong or anything like that just email Dazz