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Welcome to the requests page where you will be able to request a banner. To request a banner the following form parts must be filled in: Site/where the banner will be used, you name, your email address, pictures to go on the banner and effects. If these haven't been filled out, the request will be deleted. If you are going to use our banners please give some credit to RIDD for them. Please don't get mad if some of the requests cannot be completed but we will try our best here at RIDD to get your requests to be the best they can be. But, if we can't get the pictures, we can't get the pictures it aint our fault, sorry. But hopefully most requests will be able to be done. The time on these requests is about 3 days at the most depending how busy we are as at the moment we only have one designer and it is first come first served. If for any reason the banner can not be completed within that amount of time for any reason (we could be busy or trying to find the pics) we will email you.If you dont like your banner for example you don't like the effects or anything just reply to the email containing the banner and say that you don't like the effects or whatever and they can be changed(dont be scared to say you don't like it because not all banners can be perfect!). If any special text banners etc are wanted just email me and try to fit in as much as the form but say what kind of special banner you want.

Your name:

Your email address:

What site will you be using it for(if not a site please say what the banner will be for)

What size do you want in pixels or cms(if you want me to do the size to make it look right just leave your choice in the box)

Describe your background(If you aren't bothered, leave any in the box)

What pictures do you want on it and about how many of each will you want(you must be specific)?

What text/logo do you want on your banner (if none just leave n/a)

What kind of font/style and colour do you want the text(If you dont mind just leave any and if you dont want any text just leave as any but if you select a font that you have downloaded please give a second selection incase i dont have it)

What extra effects do you want(if you dont want any put in none, if you want me to choose just put in your choice)

Any other information for your banner(If you dont want any other things to your banner just leave n/a in the box but if you do this i may make a few additions to the bannner to make it look better)
Sorry but banner requests have been blocked for a while because i have started with my new website. I will be sure to let everyone know when it is done but i dont have time to do the banners while i am doing my new website, sorry. I will do any requests i have now but from now on no more requests will be accepted sorry!