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Well here are the RIDD affiliates and i think that you should visit them because they are all very good. If you would like to become an RIDD Affiliate just email Dazz and include the following information: Your site name, site url, a short description of the site and finally the URL to your button (if you have many buttons please choose any but please try to make it the smallest one you have for example 120x60 or around that because that is what it will resize to). You will need a button and if you do not have one i will make you a short none animated one unless ordered on the form.
Chasing Forever Chasing Forever
Category:Wrestling, Fan Sites
Dedicated to Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho. Contains lots of facts, articles and pictures!
Hot Boy Designz
Similar to RIDD but with PSD's and JPG's as well as many many more things!
Category:Wrestling, Efed
A good efed with many wrestlers free!
Damn Game
Category:Fun and Games
A great site with games, nokia ring tones and much more
International Wrestling Federation
Category:Wrestling, Efed
An up-and-coming real wrestler e-fed, always looking for fresh new talent.
Dedicated to certain sportsmen
Category:Wrestling Efed
A great e-fed. Come and join