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The Rules of Mod

1) DO NOT piss off Zula_mod or any of the other mod leaders
2) To join mod you must fill out the join mod form for the game you wish to join mod on
3) When joining on diablo 1 at a low level such as level 1 - 10 you need 3 votes from higher ranked members to join if joining at a high level such as level 11 - 99 and over you do not need votes
4) you must be with mod for a minimum of 3 months to recive the name and pass for the mod onlt area
5) Please read the mod lisence agreement for rules on makeing your own mod leader/member site you can find that agreement
6) Please read the tounament page for rules of the mod tournament

This page is subject to change frequintly so please check this page at least once evry time i update for new rule and possable change to some old ones