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The Brother Hood

The Enterprise

Wrestling at its best

"The Fallen Angel"Chris Morgan

Trade Mark(s):Degenerate driver [Kryptonite Krunch] A Burding Faith [Burning Hammer]

Finisher(s)Gods Abortion[Unprettier] Bible Lies {Death Valley Driver]

Carreer Bio:Chris Morgan Started Wrestling at the Age of 13.Soon enough Chris Started showing skills that dident come from no training. He then opened up a Backyard wrestling federation called Insane Brutal Wrestling with his Late Freinds Tony Berrea n Syn Demonic who all made it in the bigs.Chris then started bring out all the extremes wrestling in matches such like Barb Wire rope matches n others of all the extreme sorts.Then just after the turn of 18 after spending years in Gymnasiums he got a call from none other then Rob Black he of course jumped on it.He then signed a Contract to Go to Rob Blacks "Asylum" trainging school.less then 6months of training Chris Morgan Became The Biggest Independent Wrestler on the Market Holding Such Titles as The XPW King of the Death Match,Ian Rottens IWA-Mid South Heavywieght title,Jersey All Pro Wrestlings Heavyweight and Television title.Also Ring of Honors World title.He continuesly dident go to no stops wrestling greats Like Steve Corino,Sandman,Reckless Youth and None Other then the Sydistic Juggalo Vampiro and his own Friend Tony Berrea in The Lethal Japanesse Super8 Tournement.After wrestling in the independent scene for Over 7 years he gets the call witch lead him to where he is now in the World Wrestling Federation.

"I Am The Push That Makes you move"

*Top 5 Favourite Wrestlers*:Super Crazy,Rob Van Dam,Chris Beniot,Perry Saturn,Raven
Entrance Music:My Own Summer by Deftones

"OldSchool Icon"Trent Jayms
TradeMark:Sitout Flatliner
Finisher: Underhook Pile Driver
Carreer Bio:Trent Began his WWF career in October 2000 and went straight to a tag title win with Violent J, his 1st of a record 11 tag titles. from there He went on to win the IC title 6 times, and the Hardcore title 3 times. Hes been married twice and had countless girls (lol). The one thing He hasn't acheived is the WORLD Title
Fave Wrestler as a Kid "Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels
Theme Music:HeadUp by Deftones