Poison Ivy

Welcome to the Home of "Sexy" Steven Silver

Also, his lovely Valet......Poison Ivy

(standing around the luggage return in the airport in Montreal, “Sexy” Steven Silver and Poison Ivy are waiting for their bags…. Across from them on the other side of the turnabout is GWL’s own Sam “Loudmouth” Bass… Steven notices him first)

$teven --- Hey Bass…. Over here man!

Bass /// Silver Surfer…. How the hell are you? Not bad kid, not bad…. Thought you were doomed at Critical Mass when Stone turned your forehead into hamburger… Looks like you’re a quick healer though. That’s a big plus in this here outfit…

$teven --- Yeah Chuckles worked me over pretty good…. But it worked out just like I thought it would. I showed him and the rest of the Horror Show that I mean business…

Bass /// I got to hand it to you kid… You do speak a lot of crap, and so far you’ve been able to get away with it…. But sooner or later….

$teven --- Sooner or later what???

Bass /// Nevermind…. I shouldn’t even have said it….

$teven --- No pal…. You said it… (he begins to walk around to the side Bass is on) Now you tell me what you mean! (Ivy runs around and grabs him by the shoulder and pulls him back)

Ivy --- Steven…. NO!

(Steve shakes his head, collects his thoughts, and backs down)

$teven --- Dude… I’m sorry… I’m just getting so tired of people doubting me. Thinking I don’t have the rocks to hang in this outfit. What do you think of Acid Stone? I heard in the locker room all week that he definitely wasn’t an easy mark.

Bass /// True… I’ll give you that one…

$teven --- And the final result… Silver 1 – GWL opponents 0… That should at least amount to something. What do I have to do, get a title belt or something?

Bass /// That would help….

$teven --- I’ve ticked enough people off that my dance card should be full for the next couple of months…. But I’m going to tell you one thing Fishman…. When I say it… I mean it!

Bass /// Sounds like you got the attention of one Brad Starr….

$teven --- I hear you man…. I caught his last interview and it’s been running through my mind…. Tell you the truth, that may have been why I snapped at you so hard…. Again I apologize….

Bass /// You’re apologizing to me? Boy you must be new…. My mouth has gotten me in enough trouble over the years…. Don’t worry about it…. You and Homes against Daredevil & Starr…. It should be another good test for you this week….

$teven --- A good test huh? That’s C-A-T and D-O-G… It’s elementary… and I’m dead serious, it should be that easy. You see Daredevil is the smart one…. Keeping his trap shut… He knows his ass is had. He may be your favorite high flyer, risk taker, or whatever you believe he is…. But against me and someone like the Pit Bull…. Brother Please…. His silence might even allow him to keep his head on his shoulders. Now Smart-Ass Starr on the other hand… You heard the same interview that I did….

Bass /// Yes I did…. He doesn’t think much of you at all….

$teven --- Does this sound familiar? A Damn Fool… A Nobody… An upstart not worthy of his time… But the chump did have the balls enough to say that anytime I wanted a crack at the Wheel of Honor strap, he’d make the arrangements. So he’s got guts… But he doesn’t have the smarts to see what I see….

Bass /// Which is?

$teven --- Matter of Trust! The dumb ass sits there and tells Daredevil not to screw things up for him. I hope Daredevil falls off the apron when Brad’s begging for a tag… Let his cocky butt take the brunt of the punishment… For that matter make him take it ALL! Starr thinks he’s so damn good….. I haven’t been here that long…. But I’ve heard enough to understand that he’s nothing more than a glorified water boy for Killer Ken and GWZ…. He brown-noses those two so much it make me ill…. He gets up there so far he could probably tell you what they had for dinner…. The bottom line is Homes & I aren’t too worried about this one…. Looking at the pairings for this tournament, these two as a team just don’t make the top 5… It goes something like this….

Twinkle, twinkle, little Starr….

You’re not as great as you think you are….

You’re teamed up with “Devil”, who’s chosen to hide…

Because if he “Dare”’s to show up, he’s gonna get fried….

I can’t wait to hear you, your screams and your moans…

With a bad luck of the draw, you get me and Sean Homes…

Show up you will, because you’re that kind of guy….

Who drops drawers for Faggot Ken… Oh me and Oh my….

Fight and keep fighting, until things turn to pitch black….

From a Lock Jaw to the chin, or a Silver Bullet attack….

Keep those gums flapping, your teeth you will eat….

This stupid game of Starr Wars, will end in defeat….

When this tourney is over, and the Silver One finds time….

I’m coming to take your title, so I can hear your ass whine….

DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Bass /// And what makes you think you and Pit Bull are such contenders?

$teven --- I think me and Sean have the same agenda on the brain…. We might have a surprise or two in store for these monkeys… Him and Virus have shown they can handle their business as tag team partners…. I don’t expect much of a difference with the two of us…. Like I said… It’s BUSINESS…….. (Ivy’s cell phone rings….. she checks it and hands it to Steven…. The caller ID says “Section 8”)

Bass /// But can you trust him?

$teven --- I guess you’ll just have to wait and find out wont you…..

(Steven turns his attention to his phone call… you can only hear his side of it)

“What’s up bro?”

“So what did the big man say?”


“The other guy you were talking about…..”

“Hey man… that works for me…. I feel good about this sh*t…..”

“Hold up a sec…..”

(turns back to Sam)

$teven ---- You still here Fishlips? I’ll see you at Turmoil….. Later!

(both Steven and Ivy grab their bags and leave Sam just standing there)