Poison Ivy

Welcome to the Home of "Sexy" Steven Silver

Also, his lovely Valet......Poison Ivy

(after arriving in Germany, Steven and Ivy pull into the hotel they are staying at… GWL’s own Veronica Vixen shows up for an interview… )

Ivy --- Hey there girlfriend…. I love the outfit…

Veronica /// Thanks Ivy, I love what you got on too… I got this at --- (Steven cuts them off before a major discussion about clothes, shopping, etc. can begin)

$teven --- Now Vicky…. Did you come all the way to Germany to shop, or did you just come to see me?

Veronica /// Actually Mr. Diamond sent me to do an interview with you, and get your reaction to some early PPV gift….

$teven --- Damn, I thought you were interested in a 3-way or something…..

Veronica /// (she’s flustered…. And having trouble finding the right comeback) Uh-hmmm, Well Steven…. (Steven cuts her off again)

$teven --- I know, I know…. Maybe another time…. You’re on Diamond’s time right now…. How much you getting paid for this? Nah, forget it…. Let’s get the interview rolling… I got to get settled in and mingle with these Germans for a while…. Spread a little “Silver Spirit” you know…..

Veronica /// Okay Steven, let do this….

$teven --- Before or after the interview….

Ivy --- Let the lady work horndog…..

$teven --- Just having a little fun Senioritas… It’s just nice to step up from Carl Crapper to this Va..va…va.. Voom Vixen…

Veronica /// Well thank you very much Stevie, I’m flattered…. I hope you do very well in your first action in the GWL…. Okay boys, let’s roll tape, Take 1…

(the interview begins)

Veronica /// Hello all you GWL fans, it’s me Veronica Vixen, coming to you from Hamburg, Germany…. I’m here with “Sexy” Steven Silver and his valet Ivy… So Steven, what should these fans expect from you this weekend at Critical Mass?

$teven --- (rubbing his chin) What to expect from me? That’s a fair enough question to ask….. With me Dollface, you never can tell… So at Critical Mass you’ll just have to watch in amazement as I chop the big man down to size and take him out for the three count.

Veronica /// You sure you’re not being too overconfident against the brute strength of one Acid Stone. He and “The Damned” have a pretty good track record around this place.

$teven --- You and the rest of the GWL need to understand one thing about yours truly… I’m being labeled around here as being too “cocky”…

Veronica /// Well you are talking kind of big and making challenges for someone who hasn’t even had a match in this organization yet….

$teven --- So What! If they can’t handle it, then they need to meet me in the ring… not cop out like little bitches and hide behind the camera. I was signed here to shake this place up, so that’s what I plan on doing… I’m going to begin my march through the entire GWL roster until I end up on top of the pecking order. It’s not being cocky, Miss Girlfirend… it’s confidence… and it runs like a river through my veins…

Veronica /// Well do you have anything to say about your Chain Gang match with Acid Stone?

$teven --- Give me a second I was getting to that…. You’re a pushy broad aren’t you? Okay my good people… I can sit here and tell you over and over again on “how” I plan on beating Acid Stone…. But that might just ruin it for you. You see Acid Stone is trying to make this sound like I’m bigger, badder, and scarier than you so you go away and don’t think you got a chance in winning…. Well Chief, I don’t do request! Especially from some goon like you! Inside me I have a little David versus Goliath, Rocky versus Ivan Drago, you know the syndrome…. Maybe you don’t… But you’ll learn in a couple of days… You’re really not too smart are you dipstick? I thought it was the chair shot I gave you at Turmoil, but some of the other folks on the roster say you’re just in your Freddy Krueger little world all the time… I caught your last promo….. Genius dude, real freaking genius…. I just hope you can find your way to Germany?… Critical Mass?…. Hamburg? You’re talking about going to fight me at Global Warfare… Dude that was back in April…. You and the rest of the Geek Squad must have drank the blood out of a e-coli filled chicken or something…. Next time try Kentucky Fried…. Look at you three…. Crow, Nightshade, and you Mr. Ugly… I would pay top dollar to see you’re grade school pictures. I’m sure Mommy and Daddy are real proud of just how retarted their kids grew up to be…. Ooooooh crud… It just came to me… Ivy I got it!!!

Ivy --- What? What’s up babe?

$teven --- Dangit… you know the other night when we were looking through the GWL program book and I saw Acid’s picture and knew I had seen him somewhere before…. I finally figured it out…. (he begins to laugh) Remember that show we saw when we went to the Drive-Inn in like 10th grade…. The GOONIES… Stonehead reminds me of that Sloth guy that was chained up in the basement…. (he mocks the sound, for anyone that remembers that movie of this character saying….) “Hey you Guys!” (even Victoria unprofessionally starts to chuckle at this one)

Victoria /// That was bad Steven…. Real low blow….

$teven --- I’m just telling the truth about these 3… The Damned… Scary boys that think every day is Halloween. Ass-clown Stone said I goofed by even mentioning his stable… Is that supposed to scare me punk? Anytime you or one of your Dungeon & Dragons playing pals want their Yu-Gio look-alike asses kicked…. Just ask! I don’t see any belts around any of you three’s waist, so there isn’t much of a reason for me to turn my attention your way…. But if you wanna dance, I got the time…. Vicky my Dear, I hate to do this to you, but I got some things to do….. You and the rest of the GWL fans just keep an eye on my ass at Critical Mass…. Expecially you Doll, cause I know you’ll be staring at it…. (he kisses her hand)

Ivy --- Let’s go Steven……..

$teven --- Whoooooooooooooooooooo!

(the interview comes to a close as Steven and Ivy walk away….. Steven gives the camera one last look as he points to Victoria, points to his left eye, and then points to his butt…. He winks at her as the screen fades to black)