Poison Ivy

Welcome to the Home of "Sexy" Steven Silver

Also, his lovely Valet......Poison Ivy

(from the Silver Estates subdivision in Kansas City. Missouri…. We find “Sexy” Steven Silver, Poison Ivy, and Steven’s former tag-team partner Brett Excell who made up the other half of “Specimens of Perfection”…. They are all chatting of the latest GWL card and the PPV coming in a couple of days, Steven comes into the room carrying a burlap sack)

Brett /// What the hell you got in there a snake?

$teven --- Yeah in my pants… (they both get a kick out of it) Get this bro… it was delivered to my doorstep this morning….

Brett /// Who from?

$teven --- Who do you think? The DUKE himself… and we aint talking John Wayne either.

Brett /// Go figure…. Well what is it?

($teven opens the bag and slowly pours it’s contents out onto the floor…)

$teven --- Ta-da! I told you that son-of-a-bitch wasn’t playing around…..

Ivy --- Is that it? It’s bigger than I thought….

$teven --- Yep, A 5-foot log chain…. Courtesy of the commish… Ivy could you go get the camera? Let’s send the bossman and Stonehead some stuff to chew on so I get Acid’s A-Game at the PPV….

Brett /// You sure you want to rile up the big man? What is he 6’5” and 310lbs? Now that’s more my size…

$teven --- C’mon man… here we go already… I’m Brett Excell, all 6’8” and 319 pounds of me….

Brett /// Don’t hate me cause I’m an Adonis… (he kisses his biceps)

$teven --- Jesus Christ…. (Ivy re-enters the room) Just remember Big Dog…. Size matters only in one place…. Right Chickie? (he smacks Ivy on the rear)

Ivy --- Boys, boys, boys… Here’s your camera… Mysteriously aimed at the bed again Steven Silver???

$teven --- What? (a slight smirk gave him away)

Ivy --- Uh-huh…. I hear you… Well boys I’m out of here…. Going to get me a new outfit for the PPV…

$teven --- Keep it under a thousand this time, Sweets….

Ivy --- Tell me the next time you hit “record” Stevie…. (she winks at him as she walks out the door)

Brett /// Ooooooooooooooo… She nailed you bro…

$teven --- Let Mrs. Ivy get out of the driveway and I can show you who got “nailed” last night…. Don’t leave me hanging…. (he holds out a closed fist, Brett punches it with a closed fist of his own) You want to tape this interview thing for me? (he handcuffs both wrists with the ends of the 5’ chain, and drapes the rest on his shoulders, they walk into his weight room, he sits on the incline bench press, and stares into the camera)

Brett /// Give him hell brother…. Okay dude…. Here we go in 5….4….3….2….1… Game On!

(the interview begins…. Steven’s attitude level changes to a more business like tone)

$teven --- Okay my good people…. I have to give some time and some “Silver” words of wisdom to a 5-pack of people that definitely need to hear them, learn them, and love them…. Whether they really care to hear them or not….

Numero Uno --- Might as well start will good old number one… Duke Diamond! First of all boss man… Thank you for the early PPV present. I just love it… Maybe Ivy wouldn’t oppose to making another movie using these monster cuffs. So you’re tired of being pushed around, run over, whatever….. That wasn’t part of my plan so don’t put me in your little tirade with the rest of these clueless wonders on the GWL roster. You signed me on the roster two weeks ago…. So my little, fisticuffs, pun intended, run-in on Anarchy ’99 and The Damned, wasn’t just a way to get myself noticed…. Let’s just say I got bored…. So you’re going to “show me up” huh? Put me in a chained at the wrist match against some self-proclaimed maniac… And teach the new guy a lesson, right Duke??? Wrong!!! I’ve only had 16 professional matches in this young career… Surprisingly this is my 4th match of this kind even though the other 3 were with leather straps. I won the first two, and should have won the third by DQ… but of course John Patrick (CMW) and his crew took care of that noise. Maybe people just want to get up close and personal while getting their asses kicked… Duh??? Sorry to ruin the “shock factor” there Boss…. I’m going to make sure “YOU” and the rest of GWL get a good look at their newest superstar with a victory this weekend. DEAL WITH IT!

Number 2 --- Peach Hip Guy and let’s call him “regular” X. People what do you get when you combine these two nimrods? An Insane Clown Peach Pansy…. I know, I know… That’s not a very funny joke. But these two in a federation with 300 pound monsters galore…. That’s funny… Now Peachy Baby… that belt you’re holding with the roughneck name “Annihilator”.. Does that sound like a “hip” and “cool” title that you want to be associated with? Of course not Peachy…. Why don’t you let your good pal Steven take that off of your hands…. If you caught my initial promos, you know that I’m not about hitting the ladies… Steroid pumped chicks either…. Here’s something I think you can relate to…. When I first signed up I heard of this strap and thought…. How “cool” would that belt look around my waist??? Then I saw Beserko Barbarella had it and that cooled my drive to have it. But I guess that has changed my focus now that a “dude” has it… You are a dude aren’t you Zorro? Take the mask off and sign a match with me. How about it Clown? I mean Peach…. I’ll save the “clown” reference for “X”… Who I am officially done talking about. I haven’t heard or seen a hair of his nappy head since I’ve been here. I’ve called him out twice already…. There won’t be a third…. Hold it… maybe he was the janitor that was sweeping backstage last week…. Nah, couldn’t be… That takes too much smarts…..

Number 3 --- Time Twister… How about it cuz…. I got your digits on the caller ID…. I called you back and haven’t heard from you since… You know the number… Let’s do lunch sometime….

Number 4 --- Killer Ken…. I am so freaking sick of hearing Killer this, Ken that…. You got all these announcers… backstage reporters…. even fellow wrestlers in this place constantly kissing your ass and praising your every little move… Well you may be a mainstay and a big fish around here…. But winds are changing around here… Maybe it’s all the hair gel… Didn’t my stunt at Turmoil even catch your attention? Are you really that full of yourself that you couldn’t see what I was trying to do? I got a match with Acid Stone at the PPV… but it was your ASS that I wanted in the squared circle to make my debut!!! I’ve been taking shots at you in almost every promo too… Quit looking in the mirror and stare at the “Silver” Screen jackoff…. Show me the “big picture” Killer… Let’s see if you come as advertised… One match against me and you’ll be damaged goods Ken… Then everybody can look for you on the sale rack…. Anytime meathead!!!

And finally to Number 5…. Acid Stone… My first opponent in hopefully a long career here in GWL. Am I going to apologize for cuffing you to Kinky Ken? Nope! (a slight pause) Am I going to apologize for the wicked chair shot that echoed throughout the arena? Nope again! I wanted to make a name for myself, piss Barbie into giving me a match…. And you just had to be the one that was rumbling with him at the time. I’ve seen enough tape of you from prior matches to know that you got stuck with a bad draw for such a big pay-per-view. You aren’t going to win my friend. Trust me, I’ve fought 2 pretenders like you… “Maulers” me and my dad call them… He was a Cruiserweight himself and he had no problem with Gorilla brawlers like you either… You may be big, powerful, and you’re definitely not a pretty s.o.b…. Ivy said watching you and pretty boy handcuffed was like watching Beauty and the Beast dancing around… So what is your plan of attack big man? Gonna try to take me out head on? Think this chain is going to give you any kind of advantage? Unless you change from this slow, sloppy, pathetic, specimen that’s on these tapes then Brother, you shouldn’t even show up. You don’t have it upstairs to hang with me. (he starts talking extremely loud) I’m going to wrap this f*cking thing around your throat and drag your @#$%^&* ass all around that German arena… Let those Nazi bastards sort the mess out….

Brett /// Dude you can’t say that on camera…. Remember what happened last time you cussed and the FCC mailed you that bill….. We’re going to have to start this thing all over….

$teven --- Screw it man, let Diamond censor it…. He’s already started screwing with me… (he hold up both “chained” wrist) Now it’s my turn…. (he looks around and inside the burlap bag that Diamond mailed to him) Oh HELL NO……. Man that’s just not right…. (Steven begins to laugh)

Brett /// What's up bro??? (then it hits him… he starts laughing also)

$teven --- Nice one Diamond Daddy…. I’ll pay you back!

(they both realize that Mr. Diamond didn’t send any keys to unlock the 5 foot chain cuffs…. This interview is over)