Poison Ivy

Welcome to the Home of "Sexy" Steven Silver

Also, his lovely Valet......Poison Ivy

(the camera takes you from the entrance of an empty arena, to the backstage area, then down a wrestling ramp and finally into a ring which has very dim lights surrounding it…. in the center of the ring sits a stool which the camera is sat upon and aimed toward the corner…. “Sexy” Steven Silver was the person responsible for this personal tour… he walks in front of the camera, heads to the corner turnbuckle, and sits down in the corner)

$teven --- Yes boys and girls…. It’s me again… I got tired of CEO Diamond sending that pansy Carl Crapper out to handle the interviews with all his “new guys”, so for now I’ll take matters into my own hands. I’ll give you a lil’ one-on-one time with the Silver One… You people out there really don’t know much about me yet… I’ve brought my A-game to a few different wrestling organizations that were small time… not very well organized… and quick to fold shortly after I started to shine and collect title belts. So here I am, in the G-W-L…. The recipe for success will still be the same… But with the backbone this place has had for about 3-plus years, I think I can dig in, showcase my skills, and run this fed to greatness… Yeah, yeah… I hear you… it sounds like my old man talking… Sterling Silver, my pop, was a true wrestling enigma… many titles, many feds, the leader of one of the most successful stable of wrestlers ever created. The only thing I got from the old man was a severe case of the “Silver Style”…. But I handle my business in a little different fashion. My dad was one of the “good guys”… Loved by most and respected by all… so you can see those are some tough footprints to walk in…

(Steven stands, climbs up, and sits on the top turnbuckle)

$teven --- So what should you expect from me? (shrugs his shoulders) Hell I don’t even know yet… Will I be your baby face? Will I be the man you love to hate? Will I even fit into this tangled web of GWL’ers? Time will tell won’t it? But there is one thing that I expect to change very soon……

(he stands up on the middle turnbuckles, and motions in the air like he’s begging for applause)

$teven --- Can you here that? Exactly! Not one single peep… Nada! And that’s what I have gotten so far here in GWL. I’ve called Killer Ken a glorified Barbie doll. Called out every member of the Damned… you know those Marilyn Manson, devil worshiping, cut the head of a live chicken ritual clowns. Speaking of clowns, that Insane Clown Pussy, “X”…. And still I’ve heard nothing. Is it fear? I doubt it… They’re too stupid to know the meaning of the word, let alone spell it…. So what should I do? Sit here and wait for one of these chicken-sh!ts to come to me…. (a slight laugh) Sorry peeps, that’s not my style. I’m going to do everything in my power to get a solid match for Critical Mass… Why should Diamond and the brass upstairs deny you the right to see your next GWL hall of famer in the making? That’s what I’m talking about….. So keep your shirts on, unless you’re a hot-mama…. And keep your eyes peeled to this weeks Turmoil… I’m going to personally rename this week “Silver Saturday”… GWL, do you think you can keep me down, hidden, and out of the way until YOU say so???

(he gives the camera a “thumbs up” sign with a smile on his face…. then violently changes it to a “thumbs down” with a pissed off demeanor…. He holds up a remote control… hits a button…. And you get a quick second or two of snow before the screen turns to black)