Poison Ivy

Welcome to the Home of "Sexy" Steven Silver

Also, his lovely Valet......Poison Ivy

(Las Vegas, NV…. Tropicana Hotel and Casino dining area… “Sexy” Steven Silver and Poison Ivy are awaiting the arrival of a GWL crew to cut there initial promo for Mr. Diamond’s approval into the federation)

$teven --- (checks out his watch) Where in the heck are these people? You’d think after our talk with the big man upstairs, he’d definitely get on the stick and get yours truly signed on the dotted line.

Ivy --- Stevie, look over there, that geeky guy with the glasses is holding up a sign with your name on it. (Ivy whistles for them as they make there way over, Ivy looks back at Steven) Uh-Oh…. I know what you’re thinking….

$teven --- (he drops his shades to the end of his nose, as the two GWL employees Reporter Carl Crapper and a nobody camera man approach, he lets out a sigh and pushes his shades back up in their proper location, before Carl even introduce himself, Steven cuts him off) You gotta be kidding me man…. The “Diamond of Dukes” signs me to a six-figure contract and this is what I get stuck with…. THIS??? A couple of Nerds that I guarantee were in charge of the Audio Visual departments in High School. Why couldn’t GWL give me on of those “smoking” broads with the big cans that I saw in the latest program, Muffin and Vixen and Humper and Blitzen or something like that…. We could have had our own lil’ reindeer games if you know what I mean…..

GWL Cameraman /// Actually I was a department head in school….

$teven --- Just shut up and keep the camera rolling…. Jesus-freaking-christ… (points to Carl) Well don’t just stand there Goofy, get with the interview…

Carl Crapper /// (sits down next to Steven and Ivy…. He motions for the camera to begin rolling) Yes this is Carl with GWL… we’re here with the newly signed talent “Sexy” Steven Silver and his lovely…. (Steven immediately yanks the microphone out of his hand)

$teven --- (gives a slight chuckle and flashes his classic smirk) Okay, okay, okay… I got an idea that should make this work a little better… Sorry Slick, I just can’t let the fans see me and you in the same zip code when they get there first glimpse of yours truly… Surely you can understand…. (Carl seems shocked, he stands up) You go stand by Mr. Pocket Protector over there….

Ivy --- (motions for Carl to go away) Go on Wormzer…. Shoooo… Go away!

$teven --- (voice changing to business like) Ok I guess I should begin at the top…. And Geeks, if you don’t tape every word I say I’m going to have to box your chops…. This is my 4th organization and I’ve had enormous success in each. After looking at the talent here, I think it’s a safe bet that you can expect more of the same this time. For you old-timers out there. Yes, I “AM” the son of the ICON Sterling Silver, who along with his stablemates formed 3XTREME, which ran from fed to fed and collected title belts galore. Break out the dusty VHS tapes if you want to see how to run a fed to greatness. But that’s “Pop’s” legacy… the past… It’s my turn now…. In very short period of time I racked up title belts in feds you guys might recognize like SCW and CMW. I heard it through the grapevine that GWL was the place to be, so boys and girls….. Here I am… (he stands up, starts talking with his hands, and moves around as he’s really getting into this interview) I’ve been hired to do one thing, to shake this place up…. You haven’t ever seen anything like the Silver One before. I don’t care who you are… How many titles you’ve won…. What lil’ Cliques you run with…. You’re all in the middle of the road of where I plan on being…. So listen up Roadkill, and listen good… I don’t expect to have to look too hard to find a match…. For some reason every time my name gets put on a roster, everyone seems ready to get a taste of defeat…. So come on fellas, I’m an Equal Opportunity Destroyer…. Well not totally…. (Ivy smiles and snuggles into his side) I don’t know why this has to be an issue with me, but it is…. Beautiful blonds in wrestling gear sure seems to put a little get-up in the pick-up… And the rolling around getting a hooter upside your nose once in a while is definitely a great time…. But having to put them down with a right hook or two just definitely doesn’t fit the Silver Style… So to sweet Serenity, gorgeous Aimz, and skanky looking Stitch I’ll call a truce with you senioritas right now. What’s that other chick’s name? Busty Barbie? (starts thumbing through a GWL program)…. Oooooh my bad…. that’s Killer Ken. Sorry princess… (both of them laugh a little, even Carl snickers loud enough to be heard on camera)

Carl //// (trying to get back into camera view) So who would you like to see your first opponent be?

$teven --- What did I tell you, “Meat”… Get out of my camera shot! But since you opened your beak, I’ll answer you…. Not that it really matters… There going to stick me with whoever they want anyway… So let’s get the program and take a good look….. hmmmmmmmm… Let’s just pick a page…. (he fans through the book and looks down and starts laughing) What is this? Aint he something to take home to momma? (he points to a picture of Acid Stone) Is this clown trying to be Jason or some modern day Freddy Kruegger or something… And speaking of clowns… (he screams out to the patrons of the restaurant) Look out folks, another freak show candidate… How come every organization that I’ve ever been too has one of those Juggalo symbol wearing clowns in it. He looks like an Insane Clown Pussy if you ask me… They left his name out and put an “X” there….

Carl /// That’s his name my friend…. They call him “X”!

$teven --- Figures don’t it? A real brainchild there…. And dude, you’re not my friend… Got it???

Ivy --- Let me pick one…. C’mon please???? (Steven flips the book and she puts her hand in the middle of the pages)

$teven --- Look at this freaking guy…. (he turns to the front cover and jokes) Is this a wrestling program or a f*cking comic book….. This is brutal….. Whatever… Well my good people, you’ve seen my happy ass long enough…. I’m going to see if this promo actually hits the air before I give you any more of my time….. I’ll chat with you later….

(they get up from the table throw a sweet tip down and head for the exit as the interview comes to a close)