Poison Ivy

Welcome to the Home of "Sexy" Steven Silver

Also, his lovely Valet......Poison Ivy

(sitting alone in the locker room, some 4 hours before this weeks Turmoil even begins…. He’s going over the gameplan for tonight in his head…. He’s got headphones on, nodding his head to the beat…. GWL’s Carl Crapper comes in and taps him on his leg, it startles Steven at first, but then he slowly takes his headphones off)

$teven --- Crap Daddy… This isn’t a good time bro….

Carl /// I was actually looking for Sean Homes, to get an interview with him…. But I’ll give your face some camera time if you want it.

$teven --- But of course…. I never refuse to let the fans catch a glimpse of greatness you know. Go ahead and set it up…. I’ll give you a good show.

Carl /// I’m kind of surprised to see you here so early. You usually like to make a grand entrance shortly before you matches.

$teven --- True… very true… I’ll give you that. But this one tonight is a pretty big one. I need to deliver a little PAYBACK for my baby Ivy.

Carl /// Who do you have tonight?

$teven --- Nightshade and Draven….

Carl /// Two on one? Against those two?

$teven --- No, it’s a tag match…. (Steven says nothing else)

Carl /// Well who are you teaming up with?

$teven --- You never can tell…. I was supposed to team up with Peach Hip Guy… Yeah Carl I can read the expression on your face. Diamond put this thing together, so don’t think this was my doing… But the Hip Cat hasn’t been heard from until just a short bit ago, so who really knows what kind of shape he’ll show up tonight, even if he shows up at all. If not it looks like another handicap match for yours truly….

Carl /// Another one?

$teven --- Well Brainchild, what do you think I went through last week to get that thing? (he points to the GWL Turmoil Title belt) Suicide’s own Daredevil & Rocker couldn’t top the “Sexy Beast” what makes you think two clowns like Nightcrawler and Wolfie can stop me…. I’m on a roll. If Peach shows up and gives me just a little, I’ll give you first dibs on my Victory interview as well…. But only if you bring that smokin’ Muffin or Vixen with you…. You know brother, it might do your image some good to be associated with some fresh nuggets like those. Think about it! Let’s get this show on the road dude, I just need to give a quick shout out to the newly returned smartass Draven.

Carl /// Okay I’m almost set up here….. (he hands him a microphone)

$teven --- I know it’s after July 4th here, but get ready for some more fireworks…. And maybe a few more zingers aimed at the Goof Troop… The Damned… think of your own name for them if you want….

Carl /// How about the “Legion of Gloom”?

$teven --- Now you’re thinking Crapper…. Not bad… not bad…. This one should be billed as the “Legion of Gloom versus the Master of B-O-O-M…. as I explode on their pathetic hides.

Carl /// Here we go Silver…. In 4…3…2…1… GO!

(the scene cuts to Steven sitting in his locker…. The lights dim around him as the camera view inches in closer and closer… he holds up his microphone and begins to speak slowly….)

$teven --- Draven? You had to open your mouth… You just couldn’t come into this matchup as the mystery opponent, that let his actions do the talking. You had to push it… So what have you accomplished? What are you trying to prove? You say you’re going to beat me, scar me, injure me, make it where only my Mama could love me…. Yeah, I think you did say that somewhere in that 30 second rambling I saw last night. You could rake my face over hot coals, use a cheese grater on it, even run it through a damn combine man… I’ll still look better than your maggot-infested corpse. I really doubt that you possess the power it takes to do all you claim you are going to do… Honestly you’re just as big of a goofball as your tag partner this week…. What irony did you envision by showing a wolf chasing a person down to eat them? Pretty gruesome images by the way. Maybe you did join up with the wrong Stable…. FREAK! Listen “Pooch” , if you’re that damn hungry, I’ll set some kibble in your corner and give you a couple of bacon flavored Beggin’ Strips to keep you in the corner so I can have Nightshade One-on-One…. That’s what I wanted in the first place before you and Peach got added to the mix. Listen Draven… I’m going to say this to save my stable mate the trouble….. There’s only room for one bad ass Hound in this place…. The Baddest dog in the yard resides in Anarchy ’99…. The Pit Bull! After I put the thumping on you in a few hours and send your ass back to the pound with a few marks on you…. Remember one thing…. It’s better than having your ass “Stuffed and Mounted” and put in my den….

(he starts laughing… and motions for Carl to shut the camera down)

Carl /// What’s wrong?

$teven --- (slowly regaining his composure, whipping a tear out of his eyes from laughter) I just thought of something that sums up what I think of this whole matchup….

Carl /// And that is???

$teven --- Maybe after I flatten this punk ass….. Maybe it will be Peachy that gets to do the “Mounting and Stuffing of the Wolfman”…. Scary picture that would be….. Okay Crapper… get the hell out of here…. I need to do some thinking….

(the screen fades to black)