Poison Ivy

Welcome to the Home of "Sexy" Steven Silver

Also, his lovely Valet......Poison Ivy

(outside the arena in Laramie Arena in Laramie, WY… a red 67 Dodge Dart pulls up and “Sexy” Steven Silver and Poison Ivy park the car and head up towards the arena entrance… GWL reporter Carl Crapper comes out of the doors, microphone in hand and camera crew ready… he stops those two before they even make it to the door)

$teven --- Geez Louise Carl…. What ever happened to calling me ahead of time? Are you just staying here waiting for someone from GWL to show up? Get a life dude….

Carl /// Actually yeah… Diamond sent me here to check out the stadium make sure it could house such a extravaganza as a GWL Turmoil…. Then we’ll stick around and catch whoever shows up….

$teven --- I’m kind of curious as to why we’re in Wyoming anyway…. There was probably as many people at Blood Rage than there was in about 500 square miles of this whole damn state…. But hey you got to show love to the little people too, right? Even you Carl…. I’ll give you the interview cause your such a sweet guy (Steven pinches his cheek like a your grandma would when you were little)…

Carl /// Thanks a lot…. Makes me feel real good… Whatever…

$teven --- Hey Baby, I aim to please…. So set the camera up and let’s get the party started…. It’s been a rather quiet two weeks for the Silver One lately…..

(the cameras begin rolling….)

Carl /// Hello folks and GWL fans… We’re here with GWL’s Annihilator champion “Sexy” Steven Silver…. Steven, we got quite a few questions for you this afternoon, thanks for giving us your time….

$teven --- For the fans, anything…. For you Carl, I’ll do it for the bargain price of 100-bucks…. C’mon big spender you want the scoop… lay one of those Ben Franlikns, 2 Grants, 5 Jacksons – Not Tito, Jermaine, or Michael, 20 Lincons… or if all you got is 100 Washingtons… I’ll take that too… (Steven stands there with his hand out)

Carl /// You serious? (Steven just stands there and uses his other hand and points to the middle of his palm…. Carl with a smile on his face pulls out his wallet and counts out $100 and hands it to Steven who snatches it back and puts it into his pocket)

$teven --- Now that you’re a “paying” customer fire away Crapper…. Go ahead…

Carl /// Okay Steven, it’s no surprise, you knew the question was coming…. You and Nightshade… Is it over?

$teven --- I seriously doubt it…. Think about it… the GWL Hall of Famer lost his belt and his Aura of invincibility…. He’ll want some payback… But I got some other fish to fry… And I haven’t been doing my share with Section 8 lately… The brothers have been carrying my load, giving me ample time to take care of Nightshade… I owe them big time…

Carl /// You still got some bandages on your head, face, and arms… Are you healthy enough to climb back into the ring?

$teven --- Yeah I’m good to go… Me and Nightshade just didn’t fight bro… We killed each other… Go back and watch the tapes of our three matches… If I wasn’t in such sexy great shape… my ass wouldn’t be here talking to you right now… How’s Nightshade by the way? Is he dead and buried yet? I told that idiot that I was taking him down! I got his belt and the girl…. Prince Charming saves the day again….

Carl /// Can we get a word with the lovely Ivy? Hey Ivy, over here….

(Ivy isn’t even paying attention to what’s going on… she’s over by the bushes next to the entrance… she’s picking a few white flowers that have bloomed… Steven holds his ands up and stops Carl from calling out to her again)

$teven --- Carl… Don’t go knocking on that door just yet… It’s been hard bro, real hard…. She’s coming around, but she’s not herself yet…. She likes me one minute and hates me the next…. I pretty much let her vent when she wants…. In my heart I’ll always know I put her in that bastards clutche’s… I’m going to have to live with that.

Carl /// Is she okay physically? Did he hurt her in any way?

$teven --- She’s still the same beauty she’s always been, I’ve looked her body over… And then I did it again and again and again If you can picture it…. It’s better you don’t Carl… You couldn’t handle it…. When she ran down to the ring after I won the match she looked pretty bad… clothes tore, hair messed up, she smelled pretty rank…. But honestly, Nightshade didn’t harm a hair on her head…. Maybe that’s not what Nightshade was totally about…. Maybe he’s not so bad…. F*ck that!!! He’s still a dick!

Carl /// I actually have seen the 3rd and final match between you two…. When you left the ring, Nightshade held up a metal container and smiled at you what was that about?

$teven --- I have no freaking idea man…. Maybe Nightshade’s a secret drunk and was toasting my victory… Maybe it was some super healing magical potion that that sick freak cooked up to stop the pain I inflicted on him…. Hell maybe it was Pepto-Bismol… Who knows? I went back in and tossed a few shots of Mr. Daniels back after my victory, that’s for sure…. We were both cut up pretty bad…. I needed a little feel good potion myself….

Carl /// Enough about the war that will be remembered for a long time…. Looks like you got some new action this week…. A tag match with you and Markus versus Kurt Newman and one of your favorites Peach Hip Guy…..

$teven --- Yeah I saw that…. Talk about letting me ease my way back into the GWL population. I’ve gone the full length of the field with a monster like Nightshade, take a week off, then I get these two powder puffs on my return. That Duke Diamond is just full of gifts lately… Maybe he and I can get along now that I hold one of his precious title belts. I had to cough up my Turmoil Title belt within 24 hours after I beat the “awesome” and “your” GWL World Champion and Stable 8 brother, Hard Rocker… and some pathetic piece of garbage named Daredevil.

Carl /// I thought you and Peach had a truce between the two of you.

$teven --- Things change pretty quick around here, don’t they Crapper? (Steven looks into the camera) Now Peachy… You don’t expect me to keep that little deal we made do you? I mean seriously… Look at you… Just when I thought you were starting to get some clout, watching the backs of the right people with that 2x4, you let me down buddy. You start hanging with the Coalition… Actually do something really stupid like messing with Section 8 business…. Now I’ve seen you on a banner with Newman and Zebra, calling yourself the “RAT PACK”…. Dude you’re definitely not a “Hip Cat” anymore…. Forget that I “EVER” gave you any sort of respectability… Faggot!

Carl /// Dang Steven, a bit harsh don’t you think?

$teven --- (sarcastically) Dang Carl….Well thanks for mentioning me and that rod-stroker in the same sentence…. What did you expect dumbass?

Carl /// Okay so what do you think about his tag team partner Kurt Newman? He’s been doing okay since his signing with GWL….

$teven --- Okay I’ll take your word for it…. All I’ve seen this guy do is chase your colleague Muffin around with his tongue hanging out…. He’s a punk ass! Take a good look at me Carl…. I got some bruises that are turning yellow and going away…. Some cuts on my face, hands, and all over my body there still visible but are healing as well…. And even after all of that…. I’m “STILL” the sexiest beast in this whole damn business… Whooooooooo! This clown poses zero threat to me and Markus… Believe it!

Carl /// And how did you get teamed up with Markus anyway?

$teven --- Like I said earlier…. Another gift from Mr. Diamond…. I actually like Markus a lot…. He’s a powder keg… He took out someone my Pops has a lot of respect for, his old Stable mate “Showtime” Chris Williams…. So Markus definitely can handle his own…. Think about it Crapper… Rat Pack versus a Wolf Pack? Who wins that battle? (he starts to chuckle) Rat Pack? What we’re those guys thinking? Like Sinatra, Sammie Davis Jr, and Company…. They’re all DEAD MEAT…. These flakes got the wrong fuzzy animal to be their mascot…. Maybe these strange limp-wrist fellows should be refered to as the GERBAL CLUB instead…. I don’t think I need to explain what I’m trying to say here do I Carl? Newman kinda looks like a young Richard Gere doesn't he?

(Silver, Crapper, and even the camera man get a chuckle about the whole deal…. Carl stops laughing for a minute and reaches into his pocket and pulls out an envelope)

Carl /// Hold the phone…. Steven, I forgot all about this…. Diamond said I needed to give you this…

$teven --- What is it a bonus paycheck for winning a title strap?

Carl /// Have no idea… I didn’t open it… Duke said it came addressed to his office, and said “Attention Silver” on it….

(Steven snatches the letter out of his hand and opens it…. the camera is focused on his face as he reads it…. you can tell it’s not real good news by the tightening of his eyes and eyebrows…)

$teven --- Mother F*cker!!!

(Steven wads it up and throws it extremely hard into the nearest trash can…. He rushes over and grabs Ivy’s arm… she tries to pull away from him in fear…. Steven takes his hand off of her and holds them up showing he means her no harm… he points towards the arena doors and they both start to go in….. Carl interrupts him before he enters by grabbing his shirt)

Carl /// Steven, what did the note say? Can you tell us anything?

$teven --- Do you like that hand Crap-head? Then you better back the f*ck off and get out of my damn way!

(Steven whips the door open violently, almost hitting Ivy in the process and both of them enter the arena…. Carl knows her shouldn’t but he cannot resist…. He looks through the window and makes sure Steven and Ivy are way down the initial hallway… he waits until they turn into a doorway and then he raids the trashcan…. He grabs the note out of the trash, peels a sticky piece of gum off of it and reads it…. the camera is still rolling…)

Carl /// Well I’ll be “Damned”…. Literally… Man that guy never stops thinking….. I need to show this to the GWL fans…. Get a close up of this one….

Camera man /// I don’t know Carl, this is like really invading his space. Can we get in trouble for this?

Carl /// Stick with me guy…. This is like the ultimate scoop… Meadow and Victoria can take a backseat to Mr. Crapper for once around here…. I’ll take full responsibility….

Camera man /// You better! Because if Sexy Silver and Section 8 come looking to crack skulls, I’m definitely sending them in your direction. I’ll sing like a damn canary man…

Carl /// Okay, okay already…. Just film it and then shut the camera off… That way Duke can decide weather or not to put it on the air…

(Carl straightens the paper out and holds it against the side of the building… the Camera man holds the camera up to the paper and zooms in to make the letter visible…. The letter reads as follows --------)

Dear Kid Silver;

Are you satisfied with the outcome?

Are you happy to have your precious commodity back?

Does having MY belt really mean that much to you?

Do you really think that the war between us is over?

Well before you answer these questions with your usual smart ass comments, let me tell you how things are. You know I love bursting your bubble… I’m so good at it.

Your happiness with the one that you love means more to you than anything in the world, am I correct? Of course I am! What if I told you the key to your future --- still belongs to me! Yes little Silver, I showed you the key, I held it in my hand at Blood Rage… yet you were blinded by soaking in the spotlight and showing off your shinny new Annihilator belt.

Still confused little man? Your precious Poison Ivy…. More like Poisoned Ivy… You may hold her in your arms, sniff the sweet smell of her hair, taste her moist and precious lips every time you kiss her… But Steven --- Ivy is MINE!!! You have her body, but I own her Soul! Inside the flask that I showed you at Blood Rage is the only solution to your problems --- THE ONLY solution! The sound of my voice, the snap of my fingers, the look into my eyes…. MY IVY will do anything I command…

You no longer need to be worried about me stealing her from your sight. I’ve become bored with that game. Now I’m going to put the real Steven Silver’s mind to the test… See what kind of guts you really have Boy! You think the party’s over Punk? It’s only just begun!!!!!!!!

I call the shots from here on out, you listen, simple as that! If you push the wrong button, I’ll flush your remedy down the toilet and Ivy will be in MY WORLD forever… Take another hard look at her Steven, you know she’s not anywhere close to being YOURS…. Next week, you’ll get my demands… Until then, keep an eye on MY PRIZE!

The Puppetmaster,


(this interview is over, static is all that can be seen)