Poison Ivy

Welcome to the Home of "Sexy" Steven Silver

Also, his lovely Valet......Poison Ivy

(in the basement of the Silver Estates Mansion, we find “Sexy” Steven Silver and his friend Brett Excell in the weight room…. Steven is on the bench press going at it like there is no tomorrow, Brett rooting him on while spotting him…. In walks Steven’s father Sterling and a couple of moving guys bringing in a new piece of exercise equipment)

Sterling --- Slow down boy, you better save some of that energy for Blood Rage….

$teven --- I got everything under control Pop…. Trust me…

Brett --- He’s been working hard Senior Silver…. Relax dude…. Stevie’s gonna whip Nightcrawler up one side and down the other….

Sterling --- Yeah I guess you’re right…. I should probably just keep my nose out of things and let you handle your own business like a man…….

Brett --- Yep, Yep, Papa Silver…… Everything’s going to be copasetic… You’ll see….

Sterling --- Yeah I guess we will won’t we……

Brett --- (flashes Sterling the “hang 10” sign) Totally dude….

(Sterling nods to the moving guys after they finish setting the new equipment up….)

Moving Guy #1 /// Hey there Steven… big fan here… Can I ask you something?

$teven --- (while continuing to bench press) Sure man, anything for a fan….

Moving Guy #1 /// Have you even given any thought to what Nightshade and Ivy did after they had dinner the other night? Think he put the moves on her or tired any wrestling holds on her?

(the second moving guy comes up behind the other and gets him in a “full-nelson”)

Moving Guy #2 /// Maybe that sick and twisted Nightshade guy is treating her like a priest to a choirboy…. Instead of a full-nelson he’s putting her in the “Father –Nelson”

(the second moving guy acts like he’s humping the other guy…. It takes exactly two seconds for both Steven and Brett to be on these guys…. Brett is firing right hooks, and Steven is choking the tar out of the other…. Sterling screams…)

Sterling --- ENOUGH GOD DAMMIT…. ENOUGH!!!!!

(Sterling pulls Brett up by the shirt collar, and then he does the same to his son…. Sterling grabs his wallet and pulls out several $100 bills and tosses it at the moving guys…)

Sterling --- Thanks a lot fellas, you did exactly as you were told…. You can go now…

(the moving guys gain there composure and get up slowly keeping their eyes on Brett and Steven…. They scoop up their money and exit the room comparing how much each of them grabbed off of the floor…. Sterling smiles and gets in Steven’s face… Steven is furious, his teeth clinched, breathing hard, eye-to-eye with his father)

Sterling --- How are you feeling now boy? Did you guys like that?

$teven --- What the hell do you think? Real f*cking cute!

Sterling --- I didn’t do it for fun dumbass, I did it for a purpose…….

$teven --- Yeah right…….

(Steven turns away and heads back to the benchpress… Sterling spins him around and gets in his face again)

Sterling --- I’m not done with you boy… And don’t ever turn your back on me when I’m giving you the Silver Words of Wisdom…. You know better!

$teven --- What’s the matter with you? Why can’t you just but out and let me get back to my training?

Sterling --- Training for what? Kid I know your new to this business…. But you aren’t going to a square dance this weekend… Did you even get a good look at the match stipulations this week? Do you know what you got to look forward to? All this bench press this, power squat that… You can look like the Terminator Governor from California or the Incredible Hulk and it won’t do you any good in this match…. You gotta show me heart Boy…. It’s gotta come from your guts…..

$teven --- It doesn’t matter what kind of match it is Dad… I’m telling you the truth… Look at me already….

(Steven shows him some bruises from the first two matches of this feud, the street fight and the dog collar match…. Both brutal confrontations… Steven’s friend interrupts a now furious Sterling)

Brett --- Man look at those scars Papa Silver…. Stevie’s been through some pain… He’s got Nightshade’s number…. Believe it…….

Sterling --- Why don’t you shut the hell up? Don’t even open your f*cking mouth…

Brett --- Why not?

Sterling --- Okay smart guy… Is that your best friend right there? (points to Steven)

Brett --- Yep!

Sterling --- Former tag team partner? (points to Steven)

Brett --- Damn straight!

Sterling --- Was it or not ME, the legend…. The Icon… Sterling-Freaking-Silver… that trained the two of you so you two could make it to the top of the sport and keep the name SILVER mainstream in the wrestling world?

Brett --- Absolutely…. You DA Man!

Sterling --- Then what the hell are you doing messing around in that IHWF craphole then?

Brett --- Dude, I happen to be the Heavyweight Champion and the Cruiserweight Champion over there right now…..

Sterling --- And your happy as a little clam aren’t you Big Dog?

Brett --- I’m kicking all kinds of ass over there…. I’m unstoppable!

Sterling --- Look at me I’m the big man on campus aren’t you? More like the head clown at the Circus…. You call that garbage over there wrestling? They suck! And I’m embarrassed to the point it makes me ill every time you use my name on camera with that organization.

Brett --- You’re serious?

Sterling --- It’s like saying “Delicious Spam”… Two words that you don’t hear together very much unless you read the blue label up close…. You understand me “MEAT”? Because like Spam, that IHWF crap…. It may look like a edible product….. but after you look at it close…. It’s impossible to swallow without holding your nose….

Brett --- What do you want from me Old Man?

Sterling --- Quit!

Brett --- And give up my titles just like that…. Wow man, I don’t know………

(Sterling goes over and violently grabs him and shoves him towards the exit door)

Sterling --- Then you can get your ass right out of this house! I don’t want you around my son… I don’t want your worthless hide in the same zip code…. Get your ass out of here…. NOW!!!

Brett --- Dude!

Sterling --- NOW!!!

Brett --- Okay… Okay…. I’ll quit! I’ll do it next week….

Sterling --- NOW!!!

Brett --- Fine then I’ll do it now…. (he starts to come back into the room… Sterling gets in his face)

Sterling --- Where do you think you’re going? Oh no… You’re going to leave right now…. You’re going to go home…. Throw those tin can belts from the IHWF in the trash…. Your going to call Duke Diamond personally…. Wherever he wants you to meet him…. You’re going and you’re going to sign whatever contract he throws in front of you……. Capishe?

Brett --- I’m not going to just sign for a mediocre contract…..

Sterling --- I don’t care if you sign for pocket change or milk money…. You’re signing with GWL…. Or you’re done in the business……. You know I can make that happen with a ring of the telephone… Go through that door Excell…. And don’t come back until your ready for the big leagues…..

(Brett hangs his head a bit…. waives to Steven… and exits through the door…. Sterling then turns to Steven)

$teven --- Don’t look at me like that….

Sterling --- So you got Nightshade completely figured out already?

$teven --- I didn’t say that Dad…….

Sterling --- Good… what I did with those two guys… was to fire you up…

$teven --- Don’t you think I’m fired up enough? I’d do anything to get Ivy back…. You know that!

Sterling --- That “RAGE” you had inside you when you attacked that guy for talking about Ivy…. That’s what you’re going to have to have if you want to win this weekend. You’re going to be cut…. You’re going to bleed…. You’re going to have to put yourself into a zone where it’s all about punishing Nightshade…. Your going to have to put that mother out of his misery…. You can’t just “try” to do it bud….. You MUST!!! Because that’s the only way you’re going to see Ivy again….

$teven --- I can’t believe how all of this has spiraled since I got here…. I put the hammer down on Acid Stone in my first match and then call the Damned out…. Challenging them anytime, anyplace…. And this is how it ends up? One match and I can lose the love of my life…. Or stake my claim as one of the big fish in the sea…

Sterling --- Not just any fish kid…. You’re going to be the Great Silver Shark of this fishbowl if you take this guy out….

$teven --- It’s not about the win this time…. It’s not about the title…. It’s about my Lady….

Sterling --- So it’s personal…. But you have to look a little farther than that….

$teven --- How can I? If I lose and can’t get Ivy back… I failed… and I f*cked up big time…. She’ll never forgive me…. If he has hurt or violated her in any way… I don’t know……

Sterling --- Why are you even talking like that? That kind of mindset is going to get you beat out there…….. For the next few days… you can’t worry about Ivy…

$teven --- Dad?

Sterling --- I know what I’m talking about…. I’ve faced a whackjob mind game bandit like this guy before….. I know what makes him tick… It’s not the prize he’s after…. He doesn’t want Ivy…. Boy he never did….

$teven --- Then why the hell does he have her then?

Sterling --- The rush…. The power…. The control he’s got over you right now…. He’s nothing more than a Puppetmaster… And it’s about time he takes his hand out of your ass and you take charge of this situation…… You hear me?

$teven --- Yeah I gotcha….

(Sterling goes over to a cabinet and pulls a pen and a tablet out and hands it to Steven)

Sterling --- Why don’t you do yourself a favor and jot down a few words of wisdom to Nightshade…… I’ll make sure he get them before your matchup…… Screw lifting these weights son…. It’s not going to help…. You want to get your mind right…. Then you go back and review what this sick f*ck has done to you since you two crossed paths…. Then write that bastard his note……… Give him a taste of his own sneaky cowardliness medicine…….. You can do it……….

(Steven grabs the tablet and pen and heads upstairs…. Sterling stays behind and grabs some light weights and starts to lift them…. He drops the dumbbells to the floor and quickly check his wallet)

Sterling --- Damn… How much did I give those moving clowns?

(this interview is over)