Poison Ivy

Welcome to the Home of "Sexy" Steven Silver

Also, his lovely Valet......Poison Ivy

((still sitting in the locker room in Portland, Oregon… the site of last weeks Turmoil… we find “Sexy” Steven Silver with his back against the same wall where his head and body was leaning against after Nightshade and his crew worked him over and stole his precious valet…. “Loudmouth” Sam Bass enters the locker area and walks straight up to Silver who has his head hung straight to the ground….. )

BASS /// Boy, I’m only going to say this once…… What the bloody hell are you still doing here?

$teven --- Does it matter?

BASS /// Actually it does Boy… you need to be in Oakland in a few days and for heaven’s sake you need to get your mind straight…. You got Nightshade just like you wanted…..

$teven --- Yeah, I know…..

(Bass just stands there for a few minutes…. Steven just sits there motionless…. his body and hair is a mess… he hasn’t showered… he’s still got the hot butter that Peach Hip Guy threw on him from the concession stand fight)

BASS /// So are you just going to sit there and give up…. Poof…. Just like that?

$teven --- What are you doing here Sam? I really don’t need anyone bugging me right now…..

BASS /// You don’t think so? We’ll let me tell you something…. I just came here to pay the managers for the rent of the arena…. I was on my way out when the janitor said that you were still in here and you were stinking up the place….. I had to see it for myself….

$teven --- Well now you’ve seen me….. Now get the hell out of here…..

BASS /// (he begins to get irate…. He paces back and forth in front of Steven…) If your father could see you right now, he’d puke! Get your ass up!

(Steven refuses to even move or acknowledge his words… Sam storms out of the locker room slamming the door behind him… a few minutes later he comes in with a fire hose and yells to the janitor to “hit it”…. He nails Steven with the explosive blast of ice cold water…. He keeps it on him until Steven screams for him to knock it off….. Steven is sitting there soaked and shivering as Sam tosses him a towel)

$teven --- Man that’s freaking cold….. Why?

BASS /// Steven…. You needed that…. I know what you’ve been thinking about the last 4 days… If you EVER needed to listen to some friendly advice, you need to listen to the Bass-man right the hell now….. You willing to learn something? Or are you just going to sit there and sulk and watch your little lady get hurt….

(Steven angered by the tone of Sam’s voice and the mentioning of harm to Ivy, stands up and grabs the front of Sam’s shirt…. He cocks back his fist and just stands there breathing heavy, his right fist trembling)

BASS /// Exactly! I knew that would get a rise out of you….

(Steven lets him go…. He uses the towel to finish drying off then throws it down in disgust)

$teven --- So tell me Genius…. What the hell am I going to do? Dude he’s got Ivy …. I have to get her back….. I’ll do anything…. He wants me to walk away for GWL… If that’s what it takes then what other choice do I have? I’ll fucking quit right now….

(Sam starts to chuckle which surprises Steven….)

BASS /// Do you really think that’s going to work? Think about it…. He’s not going to give her back to you (he snaps his fingers) just like that…. I’ve been here a long time Steven….. a very long time….. Long enough to tell you I’ve seen this game before…. Do you remember the interview where Nightshade mentioned Phoenix?

$teven --- Yeah… I do remember him mentioning that name….

BASS /// Well he did this same stunt with Phoenix…. But you need to play this game a lot smarter than Rueben did….

$teven --- How can you call this a game man…. First he puts her in a coma…. Injects her with a memory eraser…. Then I finally get her back to normal…. He snatches her right in front of me….. For what???????????? I don’t get it!

BASS /// Silver do you play Chess?

$teven --- Yeah… so what?

BASS /// That’s why Nightshade is doing this…. You see that’s what he does…. He takes your mind to the edge… and sometimes past it…. He prides himself on being just that one step ahead of the game…. Are you willing to push the envelope… past your bodies limits….

$teven --- Hell yeah…..

BASS /// Then you’re going to have to…. Now listen I’m not a wrester… And I’m possibly even sticking my neck out even telling you this information…. With Diamond and with The Damned…. But here’s where you stand…. “Check”!

$teven --- “Check”? What?

BASS /// Yeah you heard me right…… “Check”!

$teven --- I don’t know what you’re saying………

BASS /// Think Chess Steven…. Nightshade has a tight hold on you right now… and thus he looks like he’s got the game well in hand… But you still have some moves left right?

$teven --- Okay… but how’s this translate into getting Ivy back?

BASS /// You can’t just go to his hive, crypt, cemetery or wherever he’s got her locked up at…. And you’re not going to get anywhere with the local cops… FBI… or anyone else for that matter…. Diamond doesn’t even know where to send his paycheck at…. Nightshade has someone pick it up from Diamond directly…..

$teven --- I know that Sam…. But I can’t leave her with that asshole for the next 3 weeks….

BASS /// You don’t have a choice son…. The only way you’re getting you Ivy back is in the squared circle…. Diamond told you he’d force him to give her back if you could beat him 2 out of 3…. He said it on camera…. And “The Duke” is a business man… he knows if it hit the air, then he’s got to honor the deal…..

$teven --- That f*cking Diamond though…… Yeah my Section 8 crew told me that Diamond was smiling after I left the room…. I can’t believe anything that bastard says…. If anything happens to my girl man…. There’s not a soul in GWL going to be left standing when Hurricane Silver hits….. I can promise you that……..

BASS /// I almost hate to say this… but you brought it up…. How did you get involved with Section 8? You’d be proud…. Pit Bull and the crew have already stepped up and vowed vengeance against Nightshade…..

$teven --- I kinda figured they would….. And then you have to ask why I joined them….. Section 8 isn’t exactly how you and the rest of the world view us right now…. You see us as a bunch of “masked men” doing sneaky things…. But you’re dead wrong…. Section 8 wants three things and three things only……….

BASS /// I’m curious….. what’s that?

$teven ---- GOLD!

BASS /// Naturally………

$teven --- RESPECT!

BASS /// Well with the power packed group assembled I can guarantee you guys have that…. AND????

$teven --- ULTIMATE CONTROL!!!!

BASS /// Over what?

$teven --- EVERYTHING!!! Even Diamond won’t be able to stop us pretty soon….. You’ll see….

BASS /// We’ll I’m glad to see a little attitude put back into your system….. You ready to do an interview now?

$teven ---- I don’t know man….

BASS /// Well you need to…. You hit the showers and clean up…. I’ll call Veronica Vixen and have her meet you in Oakland…… And I really didn’t want to tell you this but you need to hear it…. Nightshade has cut a promo to mess with your head…. I’ll make sure Vixen brings it to you at the hotel…. It’s not going to sit so well in your stomach…. But at least you can see that Ivy is okay………

$teven --- Sammy… my man…. I don’t know how I can ever pay you back….. Thanks for everything…. I mean it….

BASS /// Just say what you need to say………. Get your “king” out of harms way and go for the kill man…… Do it!

$teven ---- “Checkmate”!

BASS /// Now you’re thinking……

(about 10 hours later, Steven arrives at the Radisson Hotel in Oakland….. in the lobby Veronica Vixen and a couple GWL camera crew members are sitting in plush chairs, awaiting his arrival…. Veronica notices him, stands up, and walks over to him…. )

VIXEN /// Howdy Stevie….. Sam called me and told me that you were headed this way…. And he told me to have a crew ready and completely at your disposal….

$teven --- Fine…. (pointing to the two males holding the camera equipment) You two… come with me… Veronica, I hope you can understand this…. I’ve had a lot of time to think between talking to Sam and now…. I’d rather you not be in the same room when I’m cutting this interview…..

VIXEN /// Why not? I’m qualified for the job…….

$teven --- It’s not that sweetie…. I’m going to cut loose on this one…. This interview isn’t for the public viewing pleasure….. This one is headed straight to Diamond and then to Nightshade….. I take it you know what’s going on?

VIXEN --- Yeah and I had some on-camera questions to ask you about it….

$teven --- Not this time chick…. I’m pretty much going to demand the microphone and total camera focus on this one…. NO EXCEPTIONS!

VIXEN --- Okay, this time…. But you owe me…. I can’t let you give all the good stuff to Carl Crapper and Meadow…. I have to keep my place at the top of the backstage reporter list…..

$teven --- Deal! Next week, you can ask me about anything….

(the two members of the camera crew follow Steven up to his room…. Steven tosses his suitcase onto the bed and sits at the foot of it….. the camera crew sets up in the middle of this large room and prepares for the interview)

Crew Member /// We’re ready to go here Steven…. You just say when and we’ll hit play….

$teven --- Okay, here’s the deal… Here’s $200 each…. Hit “record” and leave the room….

Crew Member /// We can’t leave our stuff…. If anything happens to it, Duke would fire us on the spot…..

$teven --- Boys I’m not just asking you to leave….

(the camera guys look at each other, both fully knowing what Silver meant by that…. They take the money from his hand and leave the room…. Steven goes back to the foot of the bed and sits…. He stares directly into the camera as the interview begins….)

$teven --- Okay… this one is for you two numbnuts…. Diamond and Nightshade…. Diamond lets start with you because you’re going to be the one getting this tape first… I want to thank you for making sure I get my hands on Nightshade…. I’m going to get an appointment with you sometime in the very near future… You got some explaining to do! Every time I’ve burst into your office and demanded Nightshade’s head on a platter, you’ve given it to me, which is just dandy with me, I’m not complaining…. But the second I walk out the door and right before the camera fades to black… you come out with some sort of smart ass comment about me getting in over my head…. I’ll ask you point blank…. Are you in on this whole stunt about taking Ivy from me? It just seems awful funny that every time she ends up hurt or missing… you either have a camera crew there on the jiffy or you got some kind of hoop for me to jump through to get my revenge…. Are you doing it for the “ratings”? Is that it Diamond? Using my beautiful Ivy as a way to get the bloodshed your viewers crave week after week…. Are you that freaking twisted to put a woman in harms way to cash in? You better hope not pal…. If I find out you and Nightshade are in cahoots against me…. You aren’t going to have to worry about running this place anymore…. You and Nightshade can get plenty cozy and become best buds as you jackoffs spend eternity trying to organize and run HELL together…. I mean it Diamond… If you think Nightshade can pull a power play on you based on his status of a GWL Hall of Famer… You haven’t seen anything yet…. (he hold up all of his fingers except his thumbs…. 8 fingers in all) Fuck with the best… you’ll be put to REST….

Speaking of rest…. Something I haven’t been getting much of….. Nightshade I guess it’s your turn now…. Dude I have to hand it to you…. You are one persistent pain in the ass… You found yet one more way to show your cowardliness and attack the love of my life… You ultimate goal is to get my total attention…. Well meathead…. You got it! It was real nice of you giving me the opportunity to leave the GWL in order to get Ivy back…. I almost took you up on it… I really did…. But Sammy Bass told me how you’ve played this poker hand before…. You wouldn’t give her back…. Not without some kind of catch…. You know I’d do anything and that’s what you preyed upon…. I busted my ass around here, rose up the ladder quick and beat then stable partners Rocker and Daredevil for the Turmoil Title…. I didn’t even get a chance to change the nameplate on it…. You had to cross the line of decency and harm a 110 pound female… Because you f*cking felt like it…. Real macho man aren’t you? So in order to make you pay, Diamond took the title right from my hands…… It was worth it to hear the referee make the three count… I don’t care if your foot was on the rope…. I proved I could beat your ass…. So answer me this question Nightshade…. Are you doing this to me just because I called you and the rest of your crew out as the scum that you are? Can’t the Short-Bus Brigade stand up for themselves and meet me like men… inside the RING? No you got to play mind games…. Yeah you got my mind going in 100 different directions right now…. Wondering if Ivy is okay 24-7…. I’ll be watching the clock every second of every day…. It’s going by at normal speed, but it seems like even a minute is dragging out just to punish me… What it’s doing Nightshade is making things harder on you…….. I know I have to beat you 2 out of 3 in order to complete the Chess game and get my QUEEN back…. Street Fight against a pissed off Frankenstien that you’ve created…. You’re telling me that I’m the one that won’t be able to survive this Turmoil’s match…. You’re the one that’s getting the lucky deal here…. Surviving is the only thing that you will be able to do…. I need to know where my girlfriend is… But I didn’t say that you won’t need to be carried back to the crypt in pieces…. I’m going to hurt you man…. Not because I want to….. BECAUSE I HAVE TO…….. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!

(he shuts the camera off and takes it back to the crew outside... this interview is over)