Poison Ivy

Welcome to the Home of "Sexy" Steven Silver

Also, his lovely Valet......Poison Ivy

(Inside Room 217, at Calgary Memorial Hospital, we find “Sexy” Sterling Silver along the bedside of his valet and long time girlfriend Poison Ivy…. Meadow Muffin and her group of GWL camera gang, stand outside the door, the sound of the IV machine clicking is all that can be heard as Ivy is sleeping peacefully, Steven is sitting indian style at the foot of the bed, quietly watching, apparently off in his own little world thinking…. The cameraman accidentally turns the light above the camera on and it illuminates the room, Steven quick glances at the camera, as his eyes wince in pain, get gets up, goes over to the door and slams it violently in their faces)

Meadow /// Guys we better get all the equipment back to the truck…

Cameraman Teddy /// I don’t know Meadow… Diamond told you to get the scoop on this one…. We better wait this one out….

(at least two hours pass and some of the hospitals best nurses go in the room and shut the door behind them…. Steven comes out of the room, visibly angered and disappointed that the camera crew hasn’t left yet… he speaks in a rather dull, monotone voice, not very characteristic of the usually cocky kid from Kansas City)

$teven --- What do you people want from me? Seriously….

Meadow /// Now Steve, listen, we didn’t mean you any harm by being here…. But Mr. Diamond and the rest of the GWL needs to know some things, tie up some loose ends, see how Ivy is doing, and check to see what your status for Shattered Dreams is…. Can you help me?

$teven --- You sure picked a shitty f-n time sister….. You got some gall….

Meadow /// You know it’s not me…. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t absolutely need this story. Diamond told me to get the information he needed or else….

$teven --- Or else what?

Meadow /// He didn’t say, and that’s what scares me….. Plus I brought you some footage of what your opponent Nightsha-----

(Silver violently covers her mouth at the sound of that name….. he collects his composure…. his eyes begin to tear up from anger… he starts to walk away… then he turns back, nodding his head…. He grabs Meadow’s hand)

$teven --- Meadow… I’m sorry babe… Please forgive me…. I promise….. Dammit… (he shakes his head in disgust)

Meadow /// Hey kid, I know what’s on your plate right now…. I accept your apology…

$teven --- And for that, I’ll give you what you came here for…. I can’t have you getting on Dumbass Diamonds bad side….. Not for me….. Especially not after my actions…..

Meadow /// Steve, I said it was okay….

$teven --- Fine, It’ll be just you and me Muffin….

(the elevator door opens and it’s Sean “Pit Bull Homes” and Erika who has flowers in hand, Silver kisses Erika on the cheek and bumps fists with Homes….)

PIT BULL /// You all right brother?

$teven --- We need to talk about some things man….. And you know what I got on my mind…. He’s dead…

PIT BULL /// I hear ya….

$teven --- Can you watch my girl for a bit? These three camera maggots don’t get in that door….

Cameraman Teddy /// What do you mean? We go where Meadow goes….

(Steven goes over and grabs the camera right off his shoulder…. And motions for Meadow to follow him…. He nods to Sean, Sean nods back)

PIT BULL /// Go on Home Boy…. These three lil’ pigs are staying put till you get back….

(Steven and Meadow take the elevator, the doors close as Homes is putting the remaining crew members in their place)

Cameraman Teddy /// So what are we supposed to do just stand around here?

PIT BULL /// I don’t give a wooden nickel what you bastards do…. But you aint going near “that” door… You follow me?

(they all three head for the other elevator, Sean whistles for them to catch their attention)

Cameraman Teddy /// What? We can’t go anywhere?

PIT BULL /// Word of advice…. Don’t bug my boy Silver right now fools…. I’ll smack your face right off your heads…. Moe, Larry, and Spanky…. Why don’t you fatbodies go wrap your lips around some hamburgers or something…. Big Dog’s Treat… Peace! (he throws them some money at them and joins hands with Erika and enters Ivy’s room…)

(Steven takes Meadow and the camera down to the hospital’s Chapel…. It’s very eloquent and colorful with pictures of Jesus and a large wooden cross in the middle of the far wall….. Steven sets the camera on a bench, aims it at a spot on the wall, and takes a seat on the floor right in front of the cross, and directly in front of the camera)

$teven --- You needed this interview, I need to get some things off of my chest……. Let’s get this stuff done…..

Meadow /// Why here? Why in a Chapel? Steven this has to be against some kind of protocol? I don’t know if we can allow this…..

$teven --- Be thankful it’s in here….. I took you here for one reason mainly…. So I CAN”T be 100% vocal about what I really want to say right now…. If I could Meadow…. you couldn’t understand a work I would say…. Yep, It’s that bad!

Meadow /// First of all…. How is Ivy?

$teven --- Sure let’s start off with that….. She’s okay… stable that is…. Nothing is broken, she’s just bruised up pretty bad… The doctors said to give her a couple of weeks and she will be back to her beautiful self. That I will never doubt, Ivy is a beautiful girl…. I have no reason to doubt the doctor in that aspect…. But how she responds to what took place at last weeks Turmoil, that’s my major concern right now.

Meadow /// Will we see her at ringside again?

$teven --- Time will tell I guess…. I can’t answer that right now…. But the smart money says to put your chips on the “YES” circle…. She’s not one to let someone get the last laugh so to say….. If not, I’m not going to push…. It’s her call…. Next topic Muffin…..

Meadow /// Your match at Turmoil with Peach Hip Guy versus Draven and Nightshade….

$teven --- Skip it…. That whole night is a blur to me…. I can’t remember anything except hearing sirens from the ambulance carrying my lady out of the building. I haven’t even watched the tape of the match yet…. I’m afraid to….

Meadow /// Why? You and PHG won the match…….

$teven --- (he sighs and lets out a long breath) You call that a win? I let those two walk out of the arena alive…. So a victory? I don’t think so…. I’m going to give a quick thank you to Peach Hip Guy…. After what I said… You still showed up and did your part….. You truly are a man of your word… and I now applaud your efforts to make the GWL a more even playing field… The “Sex Drive” after the match… My fault completely…. My mind was elsewhere my friend…. I owe you an apology and my word…. You will NEVER, and I mean Never, hear me use your name in negative context again…. I’m not a fan of yours and probably never will be… But my word is LAW… Enough said….

Meadow /// And Draven?

$teven --- What about him? The lights were off, did he hurt Ivy or what is all Nightshade? This clown is being controlled by his “puppet master”….. Whether he had anything to do with what happened to Ivy or not… It DOES matter, but not this week…. I’m starting with the “head” and working my way down….. After Nightshade is dealt with, Draven is NEXT…. Let’s call it Death by Association…….

Meadow /// And the Turmoil Title??? You just threw it away…….. Couldn’t you have least tried to talk Duke into another option than just abandoning it? You didn’t even get to defend it……

$teven --- Listen hunny, I wasn’t exactly in the “asking” mood when I stormed in his office was I? To get what I wanted, Diamond said it was the only way… So be it… I’ll have the Annahilator title after this event anyhow…….. By default!

Meadow /// What do you mean by “default”?

$teven --- The belt is just that… a belt… The “ultimate revenge” is the prize that I’m striving for this week…. And nothing else will do……. NOTHING else will do…. (he starts to get teary eyed again)

Meadow /// Steve?

$teven --- Give me a minute here………

(he stands up and goes over to a bench, then he kneels on it……. Meadow looks on in amazement, as Steven begins to go into prayer mode, you can hear every word that he softly speaks)

$teven ---

Dear Lord, I come from a destructive path to ask you in advance for forgiveness………

I do not expect my actions, my words, my hatred to be approved or understood……..

He hurt her, and for that my Lord, I cannot rest until he feels the full wrath of my being…..

My heart, my soul, my life, things I have given to my dearest Ivy…….

Whatever it takes, whatever the cost, whatever happens, will be beyond your control….

You died on the cross for a purpose, to gain order, control, a balance………

A balance I cannot achieve until my goal is accomplished…….

So I come to you as your follower, your deciple, your child…….

Forgive me father…….. Please forgive me……..

(he dips his fingers in Holy Water and touches his forehead, his chest, and then each shoulder…. He grabs the camera and Meadow by the hand….. they both go outside the hospital in order to finish the interview, Steven asks Meadow to roll the footage of the Nightshade interview… he shakes his head… you cannot tell it’s coming… he looks down, takes a deep breath, walks over to a park bench, takes a seat as Meadow continues to follow him with the camera… she stands a few feet back from Steven as he stares directly into the camera…)

Meadow /// Go ahead Silver…. Say whatever you need to say…. The floor is yours….

(Steven motions for her NOT to start the tape yet…. )

$teven --- Listen Meadow, what I have to say may not be exactly something you want to hear…. I want you to make me a promise right now…. Will you?

Meadow /// Sure… I can do that… What is it?

$teven --- No one sees this interview except Diamond and then Nightshade…. I doubt seriously that this will ever make it to public television, so after they see it…. DESTROY THE TAPE! Criminal implications could come of it…. Please Meadow, I’m asking you as a friend….

Meadow /// I will…. I promise…. Whenever you’re ready….

(Steven looks down again, tries to keep his composure…. He can’t… this interview starts off at a rapid pace, with Steven practically screaming every word at the camera…. He finishes…. And storms off in the opposite direction… He’s heading back into the hospital….. Meadow just stands quietly and lets him go… She rewinds the tape and hits play…. It’s SEXY TIME! The interview went like this………. Warning – Parental Advisory needed here)

$teven --- You wanted my attention you deranged coward… You got it 110-percent! Why? Why Ivy? Can you answer me that? Yeah I heard your warning…. Yeah you hit her with the Soultaker once before…. Do you get a kick out of hitting a woman? Is that my punishment? My punishment for crossing the path of the Damned? Well let me tell you something you Darth Vader freaking genius…. I now accept my punishment! You’ve done it…. And yes, your Silver Hero, will accept full responsibility for not watching and calculating your every sneaky, cowardice move…. You served the ball into my court --- At Shattered Dreams, expect the volley, right between your f*cking eyes… I have the victory in the bag. I beat your head in last week, so your “hall of fame credentials” are as ridiculous as any explanation you can give me for what you did…. I’m not listening to your crud, so say whatever you want to your legions of deadheads or whatever they are called. No more talk…. I’m tired of talking… Black Baloon of Death match... Baloons filled with thumbtacks set to explode and fill the ring after 10 minutes. 10 Minutes? Unless you put your best pair of Nike's, Reebocks, Buster Browns, or Flip Flops on, you won't be able to avoid me for that long. The thumb tacks are worthless in this stupid match... You're gonna bleed anyway.... A cage where you couldn't escape would have been better... Hall of Famer? Whatever! They’re going to have a ceremony for you after the PPV… That’s for sure, with a long black car followed by a line of cars with their lights on…. I’m not going to just hurt you….. I’m not going to just make you scream…. I’m going to KILL you Nightshade! Nothing less that choking the life out of you and being able to be the one that actually feels the last puff of breath escape your body and it becomes still and limp will suffice. You speak of Pandora’s Box being opened…. How I shouldn’t have started with you. This story will end with me closing that “box”, with you’re body inside as I throw it straight into Hell…. You want to know how it feels to see the color “RED”… You did get that part accomplished, good job Chowderhead… I see that image of Ivy every time I blink my eyes… What you have done in a matter of one week is turned me from a caring, loving, hard working technical wrestler… into a “freak” like you. Evil? Twisted? Hell-bent on Revenge? Compared to what kind of thoughts are racing through my mind……. You and the rest of Sesame Street can consider yourselves mainstream PBS, like Barney and Teletubbies…. You’re a dead man Nightcrawler! You, yes YOU, are the one that crossed the wrong path…. The SILVER BRICK ROAD…. Like OZ, the Tin-Man, the Scarecrow, and even Toto too…. The name of Nightshade, will become past tense, a legend, a fairy tale….. And whatever happens to me for my actions --- GFSL Suspension, Prison Time, Death Penalty…. I will accept that as well, as long as my payback for Ivy is complete…. 3 more days Assf*ck…. Get your insurance paid up, read over that will one last time, and say you final goodbyes…….. (he rushes the camera where only his eyes can be seen) No Mercy Mother F*cker…. NO MERCY!!!!!!!!!!

(inside the hospital again, Steven goes up to the floor Ivy is on, both Sean and Erika are sitting in the hall outside the door…. Steven says nothing…. He hugs Erika… Shakes hands with Homes… and begins to head back inside ROOM 217…)

UPS lady /// Steven Silver… room 217… is that you pal?

$teven --- Yeah…

UPS lady /// I got a package for you here…..

$teven --- Who’s it from?

PIT BULL /// Yo… Chickie… I’ll take that one…. Just in case…. (Sean rips open the package and gets a huge grin across his face… it’s the 2x4 that Peach Hip Guys has been using over the last couple of weeks) The Punk even signed it for you Homie…. (he hands Steven the board)

$teven --- (he reads the writing on the board) “GIVE HIM HELL STEVE…. Love Peach” (he nods his head in approval and hands the board back to Sean) Keep it warm for me bro…. Peach Pit --- You DA MAN!!!!!!!!!

(fades to black)