Poison Ivy

Welcome to the Home of "Sexy" Steven Silver

Also, his lovely Valet......Poison Ivy

(sitting alone, in a dim lighted room, you hear the mixture of metal clanging and a person grunting…. It’s “Sexy” Steven Silver, lifting weights at an almost insane pace… this promo will most definitely be in an intense business-like manner… so it begins)

$teven --- Great…. Just f*cking great…. So I owe the good ol’ GWL yet another interview… Whoopie-freakin’-doo…. You picked a hell of a time to be bugging me…. But since you’re here, I guess I’ll tell you exactly what’s going to happen in the weeks ahead…. (he holds up one hand and raises a finger with each name he says) Acid Stone, Crow, Stitch, Nightshade….. and last but not least Duke Diamond himself….. Yep…. The “Funny Looking Four plus One”… I’ve only been here for a few weeks, I had other agendas and goals that I wanted to accomplish here… But now I got one thing in mind…. Ridding this federation of worthless scum like you.

(he takes a bandage off of his forehead to reveal the 24 stitches he received from the “NHL Deathmatch” at last weeks Turmoil...)

$teven --- Pretty cute don’t you think? What do you think Duke? Is this what you envisioned when you signed me to this rat hole? I’m not going to be like the rest of these Ego-filled primadonnas and whine and threaten to leave if things don’t go their way…. Oh no… you might get off on that! Instead I’m going to turn the tables a bit… I’m going to make you wish you never signed me in the first place…. I believe the word you tried to pound in my head was C-O-N-T-R-O-L…. You’re in charge right? What a freaking joke! I introduce myself by handcuffing Acid Stone & Killer Ken together with lil’ fuzzy handcuffs. And you personally come out at tell me you’re going to “make me pay” for interfering in a sanctioned GWL match. (he points to his forehead) Well what to you call this Jackoff??? One of your precious Hall of Famers Nightshade decides to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong. He’s definitely wanting to make sure I don’t get a shot at the title strap that he’s carrying, so he helps his little blood sucking cockholder defeat me last week… He hits my 110 pound Valet with his finisher and “what”? Did I hear “what”? You did “what”? Absolutely NOTHING!

(he pauses for a few moments, visibly shaken, thinking of what happened to Ivy… he regains his composure, but the look on his face speaks volumes… loose cannon city)

$teven --- So Mr. Diamond, let me be the first to tell you…. The next time I… let’s say… shove a 2 x 4 up Nighshade or one of his other stooges asses…. I expect to hear a big fat “nothing” in return. You can hit me, cut me, burn me…. Whatever the hell you want to. But don’t ever…. And Mother F*ck, I mean EVER… put your hands on my lady. Control??? The way I see it pal, you’re going to have it for about another 2 weeks….. Then we’ll see how much control you really got….

(he holds up both hands with all ten fingers up….. he drops his two middle fingers and waives the remaining eight digits at the camera….. then the eight digits go down and the middle fingers return….)

$teven - Nightshade… You want to go to war big dog? You got it! I don’t give a crap when, where, why, or how.. I’m going to make the GWL look like a fool for putting you up on a pedestal and calling you a Legend, let alone a Hall of Famer. I think you dance around and hide behind your goons too much…. How about for the entire month of July? I’m willing right now to say screw with the rest of the entire roster and personally f*ck you up for a whole month… Do you have the rocks? Take turns calling out the match types and stipulations…. Best 3 out of 5? For the title belt you are holding? Whadda you say Freakazoid??? I’m not afraid of you. No one else around here should be either…. And I’m going to personally expose you for the pretender you really are. See if the Duke chooses you hide you and keep you away from me…. Time will tell maggot… Time will tell….

(Steven is looking down at this press release, showing the announcement of the matches for this coming weeks Turmoil)

$teven --- A Title Match? Why thank you again Diamond…. But let’s just say that’s night where my focus lies right now….. Too bad…. Yep that’s too bad for Rocker and Daredevil that is…. Let’s just say I’m not in the “giving” mood right now. Hell I might as well take out my anger on somebody don’t you think? And the Turmoil Title strap as a reward….. What the hell…… Count me in….

(he goes back to lifting some weights….. after a few reps, he realizes that the camera is still there)

$teven --- I guess you guys are completely satisfied huh? Kind of like one of Killer Kens dates…. Okay to the two screwballs that are getting the wrong end of the stick this week….. Hard Rocker and Daredevil…. First lets start with Daredevil… Mister High Flyer, Risk Taker…. Yank, Yank! You don’t come as advertised…. In the Matter of Trust Tournament, you didn’t show me squat. If I could have gotten myself a real partner instead of that bum “Mad Cow” Homes… that laid down like a bitch and got himself pinned…. Then you and Starr would have gotten beat for sure. Watch the tape again pal…. I owned you in that match…. You know how worried about you I am in this match…. (he turns his backside to the camera and lets out a ripping fart) Yep…. About that much…. Say what you want to…. I am not even giving you any more of my time…. Whew….. God Damn…. That was a good one)

(he waives the air in front of him to fan the stink away)

$teven --- Now on the the Champ…. Hard Rocker.. Now you I like… You fight hard…. You talk hard…. You rock hard…. I can respect that…. But like most of the “headbangin’ youth” of today’s world….. you really don’t have a handle on what is really going on around you.… You’re stuck in your own little world… Oblivious as to what you say or how you respond to things. You’re going to call me out on a few things…. Sure, I’m game…. You call me a Whiner and Complainer? Why would you say that? Just because I’m calling Duke out for having his nose rammed up Nightshade’s rear end…. Two weeks people, Two freaking weeks…… Then we’ll see who’s doing the whining? And to call me a Cheater? Now Rocker, how could you? I’ve had 3 matches… not once have I pulled a fast one…. A 5-foot chain match with Acid Stone…. A NHL Deathmatch against some pathetic vamp…. Or are you talking about the multiple people that I’ve been thumping in the back of head with chair shots? It sounds like “MUSIC” to me Rocker….. Was it cheating? Not where I stand…. I had nothing to gain in any of those matches…. Some dogs mark their territory…. I’m just introducing myself a little harsher…. That’s all…. Just trying to get a rise out of some of these “limp wimps”…. So this weekend it time for you and your girlfriend Daredevil to get marked….. in other words “Pissed On”… Like I can’t tell what’s going to happen from the get go…. This match should be labeled “Team Extreme” versus the Silver One… While you two are like school girls oooohing and awwwwwing over posters of each other in your lockers thinking the other posses some real high flying electric like moves…. You haven’t seen anything like the arsenal going to be brought out by me this weekend. Masters of Extreme…. Please… you two need to get back to the circus…. The real “Mr. Excitement” will be in the driver’s seat once the bell rings…. That’s “SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXY STEVEN” DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!