Poison Ivy

Welcome to the Home of "Sexy" Steven Silver

Also, his lovely Valet......Poison Ivy

(seen leaving the big cheese’s office at WFW, “Sexy” Steven Silver removes his shades and gives the good people some air time)

$teven -- That’s right ladies…. read ‘em and weep… The contracts are signed and I’m ready for the marquee to be flashing my name come Wednesday night. First of all let me put this out on the table so none of you jerk-offs get this mixed up… I’m not my old man – the Legend, the Icon, the best Cruiserweight of his generation, and probably the history of E-fed wrestling… (putting his shades back on) UNTIL NOW! (flashes the classic Silver smirk, like his old man had)

Unlike you chowderheads, I’m not going to come out here and talk tough, or sit there and tell you how all the belts are going to be mine. You already know the Silver system… (motions putting a belt around his waist while shaking his head yes) Exactly!

Reporter /// Silver system?

$teven --- (putting his arm on the guy’s shoulder) Okay Simpleton, follow closely… And I’ll go slow so you can keep up. It’s an easy two-step program --- Step #1 Get in the ring with me. (he takes the guy’s hand, makes an “L” shape with his fingers and forces his hand up to his forehead) Step #2 Walk out a LOSER! (hits him with a palm strike, forcing the guy to hit himself in the head with his own hand, knocking him to the ground)

Pretty easy right? (he laughs while helping the guy up) I’m just messing with you…

Reporter /// I see you got the old man’s charm too… So have you checked out the roster yet? And have you had any match announcements set?

$teven --- Okay, okay… No more $terling references, please! The only thing similar between us is the same initials, same blood-lines, and same greatness in the squared circle… Pops is “old school”, the past… Read my lips --- “Retired”… It’s my show now… (delivers the classic 2X trademark, double X chop to the groin area) You want to see that? Break out the tapes and hit play. You’re not getting that with me…

The Roster? Saw it, and that’s about it. Chris Williams was a rook that my dad took in and trained. He was always at the gym with the rest of 2X when I was young. How’s it hangin’ C.W.? As far as the rest of the guys on this list… I don’t know them from Adam, so I guess I’ll just have to wait until Wednesday to get a peek at the competition…

(DEFINITION of “2X” – stands for the Stable name 2Xtreme, which was used in various e-feds, known internet wide, with members $terling $ilver, “Electric” Eddy Everclear, Jax Youngblood, Avalanche, Chris Williams, and even the late-great Ripper Jones for a short period… and YES it was named at least 4 years before the Hardy Boyz even existed)

Yeppers… got me a match already too. Against Mr.59! (notices the reporters giving him a puzzled look) Yeah that what I thought too… New School, Old School, even flippin’ Grade School… A “59” is a FAILURE! And Wednesday night, I’ll be yet another test you won’t be able to pass. Yours truly on the other hand will show you and the rest of this federation why I’m 100%, Grade A+ material… (marine style) Ooooo-HA! I think that’s enough of an introduction for now. Hopefully this mystery man has the rocks to at least show his face so I can see who I’m going knock the tar out of. That’s it boys… PEACE! (flashes a peace sign and heads towards the elevator, the camera follows him and just as the door closes he screams) Whooooooooooooooo….