10/12/06 - This is it. The moment the 5 people who still visit this site have been waiting 415 days for... CHARLIE DOES CANADA. It's done and it's ready to rock your colon clean. Read it below.

Maddox Quote of the Day: I've been getting a lot of email lately from people sending me this stupid 9/11 conspiracy video called "Loose Change." I've tried to ignore it for months now, but you morons keep forwarding it to me, and I keep having to add more email addresses to my spam filter. The ironic part is that I'm a huge conspiracy nut, and even I can't stomach this bullshit. For example, I believe that there is a small, reptile-like creature called Chupacabra that sucks the blood of goats in Mexico. Area 51? Hell yes. Roswell? Pass me the Kool-Aid. But "Loose Change" elevates bullshit to an artform. Watching this video is like being bukakked with stupid.

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  • Pre-ripped and pre-shittified jeans advertised as "destroyed jeans" on sale for $90
  • 14-year-old kids wearing beanie hats in 80 degrees of summer weather, because that's how you can be a skater
  • Children.

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