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Hello. My name is Ally, or better known as neo_bbgrl. My first account on neopets was fdgtrh, but I have since made this my main account because of many resons. I was a victim of the "Neopets Glitch", meaning I lost mass ammounts of neopoints and my one and only pet, Sir_Frodo_III, who I loved very much. I have neomailed his new owner, who is a very nice draik lover who is having many difficulties parting with him. Since I know that he is in a good, loving home, I can't let myself be to begrudging. But, as you see, I was left without a neopet for a companion, which crippled me in many areas.

I do not just adopt pets as status symbols, or game-playing tools, and when I add a new pet to the family, I like to know that it's right! I must admit I wasn't looking for a Blumaroo specifically, and I must say I never planned on a baby, but I have always loved them and would love to own and raise little bitsii! She looks like she's a darling!

Anyway, after the glitch, I turned to my guild for support. A friend who was not active in Neopets any longer had decided to give me 100,000 neopoints to ease my loss, and there was a donation contest going on in my guild. I donated, and got a respectful second place when I had eventually donated all 100,000 neopoints. My prize was meant to be a Faerie Paint Brush. I never recieved it, which is part of the reason I left fdgtrh behind, to escape the memories. I am looking for a new start, and I would like to possibly do that with little bitsii at my side.

Although I must admit I am financially challanged, I think I can give bitsii a very loving and providing lifestyle. I am on Neopets every day, and my sole purpose of playing is to spoil my Neopets. I have never seen the point in throwing neopoints away on pointless things such as galleries. As bitsii's new owner (if I am to become bitsii's human), I'd rather prefer to think of it as she adopted me, and I'm lucky to have her. I can always promise that she will always be in my care, and if for any reason something challenges that (I decide to leave neopets in a couple years, for example), I will contact you immediately. I can also promise that bitsii will be spoiled to the fullest, and I promise to give her (or try my best to give her) the best of everything. I promise to groom her, brush her little teeth (I understand they are going through some very delicate stages ;]), wash her, feed her a balance of nutricious and sweet treats (Gotta have those Sugar Bunnies), and give her proper training in strength. I will also read her lots of bed time stories to expand her intellect :D. After most or all of this mission is done, my baby will have a rest and spend all of her wonderful days lounging asleep in her new pink playpen :).

bitsii will also come with me to explore all of the worlds of Neopia and begin to see the things of her storybooks face to face (while safely tucked into a baby carrier or my arms, of course!). She will also play games with me daily, such as the Wheel of Excitment, Tombola, Test Your Strength (when she gets stronger I'll stand behind her and help her swing the mallet ;]), the wonderful Fruit Machine, and the ever engaging Jubjub Blackjack. Here she can put her adding and math skills to the test in a great game. She will get AT LEAST one new rare toy (worth at least 5,000 neopoints) a week when all of my earnings are combined, and of course she will get all of the food and grooming items she'll ever need; they wont count.

I have to say that although I will see to it that bitsii gains much strength, I cannot see her actually going into the Battledome. It really seems to be far too dangerous for even a strong little baby. With all of the horrible items such as Chia Flour, I could never run that risk (besides, what kind of Neopet could have the heart to fight a little BABY GIRL, anyway?). So, in short, she may miss out on a Battledome item collection.

I will look forward to the day when bitsii is paired up with the right owner. I know that there is probably someone out there who can take great care of her, and even if it's not me and my home, I will rest easy knowing that this little dragon girl will find a home safely. I know that you will make the right choice for her. Take your time, I am in no rush to hurry and just pick up any neopet. To me bitsii will be a member of the Neofamily, and will conversate and roleplay with all of my friends on America Online Instant Messanger.

Just as a note: I have to say that I have been shammed many times on Neopets. Not for being greedy and trying to profit from illegal trades and exchanges, but from being kind and giving away neopoints and items to make someone's day a little easier. Many times it has been because of a guild that I fall short (in fact, there was only one time when it wasn't a guild). I am very happy and lucky to have found Light of Reality, and love the people and pets more than anything. I just have to say "Good job!". I finally feel like I've found somewhere I belong. I have also adopted one of what will be bitsii's siblings if I am to be chosen from LOR. That pet is LittlePoohButt or Pooh, and he's quite the character! He loves kids ^.-. I hope I can help little bitsii find that too. If you'd like some "referances", you may talk to some of my Neofriends, who include faedara, ooo_kitty_ooo (the former owner of Pooh), horseplay87, and missiemoonshadow, just to name a few. They can all tell you that I'm the type to leave the 10,000 neopoint Chocolate Lenny Cookies in my inventory and have them stolen by the Paint Devil. Haha. After I tell them "My pet was just going to eat them anyway." they don't know what to do with me; but I'll always love them anyway, just as I'll always love bitsii if chosen.

Which also brings me to another subject, I have gotten bitsii a whole bunch of presents in my shop, including a Baby Blu. I can send some to you for her care, if you don't mind. If bitsii is adopted into my family and gets him, I would take it uppon myself to take exceptionally good care of him too. He would go to Turmaculus daily to try to raise his level, and I would do my best to get him a Petpetpet in the future (such as a Lady Blurg or a Mootix). I would also help bitsii to improve her speech by having her interact with Kua and speak to him. They would both be very welcome to come together.

Well, I know that you must have other applications to review, and bitsii is probably desparate for your attention, so never fear, there's not too much more;). I am very familiar with Neopet transfers, as I used to foster pets for the Adopt Painted Pets Guild when they were still open. I do have AIM (America Online Instant Messanger) and my screenname is Allyz8689. If you wish to contact me by E-mail, my address is, and if you wish to reply via neomail, my account name is again neo_bbgrl. Thank you so much for your time, and I hope I am not too late with my application. I wish you and yours (and especially little bitsii *waves to her*) all the best! Now, I hope you don't mind, but a good friend of mine heard that I was applying for a little baby blumaroo (I had to be a quiet chatter for a while to write my request), and decided to take some of my ideas and made some adorable scetches of bitsii! I love it, and I hope you and bitsii enjoy them too!

Okay, I know that was A LOT to take in, so let me break it down.

I promise...

To be the best owner I can be to little bitsii and any petpets/petpetpets that come with her. I promise to feed her, groom her, play with her, and let her explore the many worlds of Neopia with me each day. I will always tend to her if she is in need of medical care, and she will have all of her emotional and physical wants and needs met. I fully understand the responsibilities of caring for a new pet, and although I already have two, I'm willing to take them on! bitsii will NEVER be abandoned in her lifetime, and if anything hinders my ability to care for her, she will be returned to you.

~A Poem~

Bitsii was a good little roo,
and so was her little Baby Blu,
They ran and they played,
'Till the end of each day,
And her brother and sister came too.
"I am very lucky," Momma Ally once said,
Giving her the little roo girl a bath
For I get to spend my days with all my pets and am never alone on my path,
And as Ally tucked the little Roo in along with her sweet baby blue,
She realised in an instant, just standing there
That all of her wishes came true.

A Day In The Life!

Hewo! My name's bitsii, sowy if I don't talk vewy well, but I'm onwy 893 days owed! Anyway, Ms. Aowy wanted to toew you what a day in my life would be wike. Hehe, I think she can take this one! *gurgles and hiccups*

A day in the life of little bitsii roo would always start with a meal with her brother and sister right after I return home from school. This will be very balanced as little bitsii is going through a critical time, and may include Caramel Flavored Kougra Milk, some Strawberries and Cream Baby Food (or one of the other many flavors), and of course something sweet, like a Sugar Bunny! After that, it's play time with me, Pooh, and Talabriel! In bitsii's toy box will be many toys, like a Blue Blumaroo Plushie (along with many other plushies) and many other baby-safe toys.

After that it's storytime! I have many age appropriate books for little bitsii. Such as Learning Social Skills, The Little Scorchio, and Baby Moehog Stories! I think she will enjoy these very much and also grain much intelligance.

After she enjoys lots of storytime, there's always training school to teach bitsii everything else she'll need to know (like wisdom and strength). I will increase her already wonderful statistics, and make sure she is happy every step of the way!

Of course that's not all. bitsii will also go and explore Neopia with me, and go to places such as the Haunted Woods (where I will keep her close), and Happy Valley (I know she'll love it there; there are lots of nice Blumaroos!). She will also go on quests with me, and of course go into the games room with me and play all sorts of challenging things!

Of course, having a rich day like this can make any neopet and her petpet terribly exhausted, so I will make sure she doesn't stay up too late and give her a bath (groom her), and send her off to bed when we return to our wonderful Neohome where she can have pleasant dreams. Just another day in the life!

Items I have stocked for bitsii's arrival (if she is to arrive):

Well, thanks for taking your time to read all of this, I know you're pretty busy. I anxiously await the day when a new home is chosen for bitsii, and hope that you find my home suitable! As you can see, I love her very much! Thanks again!

Just in case you didn't see it in the neomail..."Harry Potter" and "5" :D