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Barry's Bio

Hey guys my name is barry well i created this website for team true blue which i hope to be part of soon :) well i guess i should describe myself eh? i am about 6'3" 270lbs brown hair and green eyes i go to north highschool in worcester and i live in Worcester,MA i like paintballing alot to bad its soo fucking expensive! i dont really do much i listen to alot of music my favorite bands are 1. Rammstein 2. Nirvana 3. Marilyn Manson 4. Stone Sour and 5. NDX, NDX is a local band my good friend Mike Ryan is in they are a hard rock group and a great fucking live preformance if you live in worcester i urge u to go and see them some time there website is

AIM- BJS31623

Gun- Tippmann 98 custom with a flatline barrel and a drop foward.

Position- Backman/Sniper

Years- 3

Jersey # 23

Quote- A waste is a terrible thing to mind.

My Favorite Web Sites

The MSN gameing zone
my favorite rock station
home town paintball store
site for the teams paintball supplys
great for buying shit for less money
geat for buying paintball shit!

Favorite things about paintball