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AMH site news or other important ish:


The site is now open so plz look it over and if you see any major problems, email me at


To join simply check out the joining page and post your info on the joining board.


This site may seem a bit slow, due to the fact that it's new and all so to help everyone out, plz goto our voting page and vote.

Voting is highly appreciated so if you do decide to join plz try to remember to vote when you can.


If you want to be an affiliate of AMH get in touch with one of the staff members so we can link up.


Sorry but our old members will have to rejoin.

Due to the races upgrades and ish you will have to rejoin, but it's for the best. This way you will have more creativity over your character.

err..special thanks to...
Posted By: Devin
Date: July 20, 2004
Source: In my brain?

Special thanks to Grant for making our banner, Nicole for helping and making site pages, and Geoff for um...w/e yall can think he deserves to be thanked for.

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