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Decembers Latest Pics

img Alrighty folks, as apart of my new years resolution i will try and learn how to create nice and new exciting web pages, as for now you will have to deal with what i got....haha.. img

Alex and me being silly infront of the cam

img We just love being silly in front of our very low resolution bare with us. we will get updated into this century and get a digi camera. but in the mean time...ya know... you guys like the wallpaper? I just figured out how to do that...haha.. it's raindrops...i like it. see im learnin.. img

We are blowing kisses.

img img

Diego and Alex

img This is Diego, he is the little boy that I am currently babysitting. Isnt he cute. Trust me i watch him like a hawk around my little alex. LOL. img