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Mêlée lyrics can be found at Music Stuff 2.


Chris Cron
Rick Sanberg
Ryan Malloy
Mike Nader


Orange County, CA

Everyday Behavior (2004)you can buy it at:hopelessrecords
Against the Tide [EP] (2003)

they will be touring with the warped tour this summer. you can find their song "the war" on warped tour comp.'04. you can also find 2 of their songs on Hoplessly Devoted to you vol.5 .

more info coming.

I found an interview with Mêlée. Its a bit old though. interview

Interview with Mêlée. very Interview

Interview with Mêléêlée Interview

I also found an article done about Mêlée from the Arizona Daily article

I found lyrics for "The War". They can be found Lyrics-"The War"

I suppose I should also explain when I first heard of Mêlée. I first heard of them on Warped Tour '04 Comp. I heard their song "The War", and totally fell in love with it (I fall in love a lot don't I?). I then proceded to buy Hopelessly Devoted to You Vol.5 Which had 2 of their songs on it and that was the only reason why I bought that. I liked their other two songs, but I have yet to go out and buy Everyday Behavior. I was in FYE this past week and forgot to look for it. I seem to have a horrible memory sometimes but at others an almost perfect memory when recalling certain events. I wonder why that might be...back to what I was saying, I don't have it yet, but I hope to soon. maybe for my birthday if I'm lucky enough, but I doubt it... i don't think my mother likes them because she hasn't heard them yet...maybe I will have her listen to them...

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