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February 6, 2005 - I know it's been a while since I've done anything with this site. I've decided I should do something since the Grammys are coming up and I said that I would post nominees for most award shows and the Grammys are an award show so I'm going to post the nominees. I can't promise when I'll post all the winners though...

September 25, 2004- New page added New List Of Hot Guys. Yes I know I haven't updated anything in a while, but school has started and I'm busy with my other site Music Stuff. All the lyrics that were once on this site are now on Music Stuff. I have a lot more lyrics there than I had here, so go check it out.

August 30, 2004- I have posted the winners of the Mtv VMA's. You can find out who was nominated and who won at or you can find out at Music Awards on my site. Whichever one you choose to go to, you will find the same information. I know I updated it kinda fast didn't I?

More stuff to come. Oh and if you want to check out a *new* site, go to Music Stuff. They have lyrics and tour dates and other "stuff".

August 27, 2004- More hot guys have been added to my List Of Guys. Sorry I haven't updated anything else. I probably won't be updating the music charts, but you can go to for all this information. sorry for any inconvienence. (yes I know my spellings horrible.)

August 25, 2004- I know I haven't been doing anything on this site, and I'm sorry I haven't been updating anything at all. I've been working on one of my other sites. It's basically the same as this one, but without the charts and stuff like that. If you want to check it out you can go to It basically has lyrics and tour dates on it. I'll try and work on this site some more.

I'm still working on the site. I'm still redoing things. There will no longer be top 10 at the box office. you can access this info at: Other stuff has been removed and more stuff probably will be removed within the next week or two. So check back often for more changes. Also if YOU have any suggestions or things you want me to keep, you can e-mail me.

I've decided to redo this site. Sorry for any inconvience. You can still access some of the pages. Most actually. New stuff will be added. I hope it will be done soon.

I'm always open to suggestions. If you have any suggestions that are worth my while, then contact me. If not then don't waste my time. I can waste it enough my self. Also if some of my links don't work please contact me! Contact me if you have any halfway intereresting information or whatever. If you have anything good to say then I might post it on my site. If I don't like it, I won't post it.

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