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Calendar Of Events

Calendar Of Events that are probably not that important to other people except for me. All well I don't care. I got bored so I decided to make a calendar of events.

Flogging Molly "Within a Mile of Home" is out now. Go out and buy it.

Green Day "American Idiot" is out now. Go Out And Buy It!

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS "Guitar and Drum" is out now

PUNK ROCK IS YOUR FRIEND #5 is out now. you can buy it at: Kung Fu Records

UNDERMINDED "hail unamerican!" is out now. you can also buy this at Kung Fu Records

TSUNAMI BOMB "The Definitive Act" is out now. go buy it!

Warped Tour '04 compilation CD is out NOW. Go buy it. Its good. I like it better than last years.

Rock Against Bush Vol.1 is also out in stores and has been out since April I think. Go out and buy it. I finally bought it. I've fallen in love with it and I was also educated because of the dvd that comes with it. Now I dislike President Bush even more.

Avoid One Thing "Chopstick Bridge" CD is out now. I suggest you go out and buy it.

Thrice "The Allusion of Safety" is out now. Go out and buy it.

Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol. 5 is out now. go out and buy it. I bought it. its not bad.

Melee "Everyday Behavior" is out now. They're a good band. I suggest you buy their CD. I still have to get it. I was an idiot and didn't look in FYE when I was there. I could've even gone to BestBuy, but I was being an idiot as usual.

Descendents "Cool To Be You" is out now. You can buy their CD or LP on: I was thinking of buying it, but I couldn't find it so I didn't.all well.

TAKING BACK SUNDAY "Where You Want To Be" is out now. go buy it.

Kittie's "Until The End" is out now.

One Man Army "Rumors and Headlines" is out now. you can buy it on

If you feel I don't have any of the *events* you want or are interested in and have any suggestions, contact me. I'm always open to ideas.

You can download CDs or songs or whatever at I don't know if it costs anything though. You can always go to You can get cards to download music and their cd-r's at or at bestbuy.

you can usually get mp3's and stuff at the bands site or at their record company's site.

support our troops!!!

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